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How do I change a watch strap?

Check out our helpful guide on how to change a watch strap which covers everything from quick release to drilled lugs.

How do I know what size strap I need?

The first thing you will need to find out is the lug width of your watch. This is the width of the gap where the strap attaches to the watch head. If you need some help with sizes, please take a look at our size help page.

How do I measure my wrist?

Grab a measuring tape and head to our YouTube channel for a tutorial to ensure that the products you purchase from us fit perfectly - How To Measure Your Wrist, Watch, And Watch Strap.

How do I change a watch buckle?

Grab your spring bar tool and check out our How To Change A Watch Buckle article!

How do I install a military nylon watch strap?

We understand that fitting a military nylon watch strap can seem complex to start with, however with our short and handy guide you'll have your new strap fitted to your watch and ready for adventure in no time - How To Install A Military Nylon Watch Strap Band

How do I shorten a metal watch strap?

Check out our helpful guide on How To Shorten Metal Watch Straps Easily, which covers everything from Milanese mesh to push pins!

How do I make an additional hole in my watch strap?

To add extra holes to your watch strap, we’d recommend using a leather hole punch to achieve a clean, consistent punch. Alternatively, if you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself a local jeweller will be able to assist you.

How do I cut and seal a military nylon watch strap?

Nylon military watch straps can be cut either with sharp scissors or a sharp knife. Once you have cut your nylon watch srap to the desired new length, you’ll then need to seal the nylon so it doesn’t fray. For this, we would recommend using a naked flame. The nylon will only need to be under the flame for a few seconds for it to harden and seal the loose nylon.

Top tip: If you’re looking to shorten a military nylon watch strap and want to replicate the curved end of the strap, try cutting around a coin with a sharp knife to get the same curve.

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