Collection: 22mm Watch Straps

Watch straps are just as important as the watch face itself. Working to enhance the watch’s character, straps also show off your sense of style. This is why Watchgecko’s range of 22mm watch straps is extensive...

Our 22mm watch straps come in a variety of materials, including high-tech rubber, stainless steel metal, leather, premium military straps, and even recycled marine plastic. That’s right, our range of vegan watch straps are made from alternative, recycled materials. Environment sustainability is important to us and we pride ourselves on being a carbon neutral company.

Whether your watch is TAGHeuer or Tissot, Rolex or Swatch, we’ve got you (and your wrist) covered. Whichever 22mm watch strap you choose you’ll find superior quality, elegance and a competitive price tag across all.

If you’re ready to switch watch straps, you can shop by lug width (the space between the lugs - or horns - on your watch). It’s the section that connects the watch to the strap. To find out more, take a look at our guide which explains how to measure your watch’s lug width and find the perfect watch strap.

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