Collection: 20mm Watch Straps

A watch is nothing without its straps. And with Watchgecko’s wide range of 20mm watch straps, you can experiment with style, without needing to buy a whole new watch.

Our 20mm watch straps come in a variety of materials. From full grain and genuine leather for classic models; cutting-edge rubber watch straps for dive watches, strong stainless steel metal watch straps for ultimate elegance, and premium military watch straps, all of our watch straps are high quality, stylish and competitively priced.

If you already know your watch’s size, you can shop watch straps by lug width. What’s lug width? It’s the section that connects watch to strap, with the width measurement being the space between the lugs (also known as horns).

Our handy guide explains how to measure your watch’s lug width and find your perfect strap.

For the eco-conscious, we also stock vegan watch straps made from an array of unique and alternative materials including recycled marine plastic and fruit fibres.

We’re always on hand to give advice on all things watch, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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