Collection: Aquastar Watches

Aquastar was founded in 1962 in the city of Geneva in Switzerland by Mr. Frédéric Robert. Mr. Robert, a diver, a sailor, a pilot, a mathematician and a watchmaker, took over the brand JeanRichard from his father and soon changed the name JeanRichard to Aquastar to reflect the idea behind his venture, that is to create professional-grade instruments for divers and aquatic activities.

Within ten years of its foundation and with the help of the genius Marc Jasinski, Aquastar had been awarded numerous patents, based on each patent a new Aquastar family member was born. The inner rotating bezel in the model 63, the multiple dive decompression bezel in the Deepstar, the Benthos and the Regate counter. the new crown sealing system and the friction bezel ring, both were incorporated in every Aquastar and finally the regatta counter watches.

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