Prices & Taxes

We've put together some answers to some common inquiries concerning pricing and taxes.

How does tax affect prices on WatchGecko website?

All orders will be shipped from our offices in the United Kingdom. Since the tax rate varies depending on the type of goods and the country we are shipping to, once you have entered the shipping destination, the taxes and duties can then be calculated and, if necessary, due to the country's customs regulations, extra taxes and duties could be charged. If any additional taxes or duties need to be collected, they are then displayed at the checkout before you enter your payment information.

This ensures hassle-free shipping and eliminates the need for additional customs charges in order to get your delivery.

What happens if I return an item? Will taxes be refunded?

If you return an item, please note for customers outside the United Kingdom, any taxes and duties previously applied to your purchase may not be fully refunded.

This is because taxes and duties are collected based on the original purchase and are remitted to the appropriate tax authorities.

Unfortunately, we are unable to claim these charges back once they have been remitted. Therefore, when processing refunds for returned items, the amount refunded will be minus any applicable taxes and duties.

Which currency will I pay in?

We have four currency zones

British Pound (GBP)
Euro (EUR)
Canadian Dollar (CAD)
Australian Dollar (AUD)

For all other countries

US Dollar (USD)

Depending on your shipping country the checkout will display the appropriate currency.

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