Two Recommended Military Watch Straps From ZULUDIVER

Two Recommended Military Watch Straps From ZULUDIVER

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Richard Brown
Richard Brown

A look at the classic Single Pass Vintage Canvas and Marine Nationale Military Nylon straps by ZULUDIVER

Military style straps need no introduction, especially if you are a regular ZULUDIVER follower, but what many fans may not know is that the classic Military strap began as the cryptically titled A.F.0210. This strap is a hidden piece of watch history, and the good news is we have a good rendition of it with our Single Pass Canvas strap.

The A.F.0210. single-pass canvas webbing strap first appeared around 1944 and is synonymous with the famous W.W.W Dirty Dozen military watches used by the British at the tail end of World War 2. These watches are now giants in the world of historical watches. Major brands such as Omega, IWC, and JLC, all made military watches to strict criteria set by the British War Office. Specification R.S./Prov/4373A "Watches, Wristlet, Waterproof" (W.W.W), asked for hand-wound 35mm watches not dissimilar to the spec already seen in the A-11 watches used by US troops. The British watches were issued on an A.F.0210. strap.

ZULUDIVER Single Pass Vintage Canvas Strap

ZULUDIVER Vintage Canvas NATO Watch Strap

The ZULUDIVER Vintage Canvas watch strap on a Sinn 356 pilot watch - Image credit WatchGecko.

The ZULUDIVER canvas strap is a faithful homage to its historical counterpart and comes in five weathered military earth colours which will suit any style of military or field watch. The strap has satin finish stainless steel hardware, in standard or ZULU format, with additional stitching around the holes for added durability.

Whether your watch of choice is a Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical or perhaps one of the new Boldr exploration models, or you are lucky enough to own a Dirty Dozen, the ZULUDIVER Single Pass Canvas is the perfect strap if you are seeking an accurate historical military look.

Check out the full range of Single Pass Canvas Straps here.

ZULUDIVER Marine Nationale Strap

Based on the parachute webbing material used by the famous French Marine Nationale troops this strap has been at the core of the ZULUDIVER collection for many years - and is consistently in the top ten selling products across the company. The original combat straps were worn on Tudor Submariners which were issued as standard to this elite force.

Hamilton Khaki Mechanical on Marine Nationale Military Nylon Strap

The Marine Nationale strap - image credit WatchGecko.

The success of this strap is down to construction and materials. Made totally without compromise, Marine Nationale straps are incredibly tough, and the large colour range is available only in subdued military tones with a distinctive single stripe - just like the original straps. Our Marine ZULUDIVER straps were built to be worn on tool watches which naturally compliment the 1.2mm thick woven nylon fabric with a stainless blasted steel buckle and keepers.

Selection of the stripe colour is important as this can pick up even the smallest accents on a watch. There are eleven Marine Nationale straps to choose from so there will definitely be a model to suit your watch.

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