Our pick in Fellows Watch Auction - 18 May 2023

Our pick in Fellows Watch Auction - 18 May 2023

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Richard Brown


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Richard Brown


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Join us to take a look at a selection of some of the wonderful watches which form Fellow’s forthcoming May auction.

These are some of my own and Alexandra Whittaker's personal favourites. Thanks to Alexandra for tech specs and images. 

Lets crack on as the sale is 18 May and you don’t have much time to pick your model and start bidding. 

LOT 5 - BREITLING - a DLC-treated stainless steel Chronospace chronograph wrist watch, 46mm, estimate £1,100 - £1,600


Breitlings with digital windows are surprisingly popular. Half the helicopter pilots I have met seemed to be wearing the iconic Aerospace and they were so popular at one time that I even knew a Spec Ops Training Unit who issued them as standard. They are proper “marmite” watches (sorry overseas readers may not get the reference – it means love or hate) and when Omega, for example, branched into this world with the Speedmaster X-33 it was universally sneered at. I hasten to add not by me or the ESA. I rather like them and there is one in the auction at LOT 75.

However Alexandra and I are agreed that the best looking of all the Breitling hybrid analogue/digitals was the Chronospace. This 46mm gem has retained the look of a classic dive watch and the black dial really makes the digital units disappear unless you want them. This stealthy DLC coated watch is reference M78366, serial 1565800 and has a signed quartz calibre B78. I’ll come clean, I think it’s the best looking watch in the whole sale!

LOT 6 – BREITLING - a stainless steel Navitimer chronograph wrist watch, 40mm, estimate £1,400 - £2,000


What has not already been written about the Navitimer. With Breitling continually re-releasing new interpretations of older watches the chance to own a vintage model is highly desirable. This particular model has a stainless steel 40mm case with the famous slide rule bezel. The watch is Breitling reference 806, serial 1085324 and has the manual wind Venus calibre 178 which dates the watch as 50s or 60s. This model was recently re-issued by Breitling such was its popularity. It is currently available brand new for £6850.

We suspect this will go for a lot more than the estimates as this model is an original of a current release but you never know. If its even close to the estimate prices it will be a bargain.

LOT 17 - BELL & ROSS - a PVD-treated stainless steel BR01-93 GMT wrist watch, 51x51mm, estimate £1,600 - £2,200


Not a brand we write about much at WatchGecko – why not? Probably because their distinctive square style is not to everyone’s taste. I can’t lie, its not my thing but this auction has a superb collection B&Rs so it you are in the market for one then start clicking.

Alexandra and I picked this model as it’s the more unusual GMT variant and that extra red hand makes the watch look even more like it has been unscrewed and lifted directly from the cockpit of the SR-71 Blackbird! Legibility will never be an issue with the bold black and white 51mm machine.

The dial is superb and if you can pull off the size (and maybe upgrade the strap) you’ll have a show stopper of a watch that is sure to draw admiring looks. There are seven other Bell and Ross’ in the auction so check them all out here.

LOT 69  - OMEGA - a stainless steel Dynamic chronograph bracelet watch, 36mm, estimate £900 - £1,400


One of the less common Omegas and heavily based on military watches of a bygone era. You don’t see many Dynamics around which has always been a puzzler to us. They are dramatic to look at, well prices and almost give you an Omega WW2 look (which can only be attained normally if you pick up a £5000 Dirty Dozen).

This model is the chronograph variant with distinctive yellow accents and chrono hand. The case width 36mm and it is Omega reference 5240.50.00, serial 56607337 and has an Omega automatic calibre 1138.

LOT 78 - OMEGA - a stainless steel Seamaster GMT bracelet watch, 41mm, estimate £900 - £1,400


I almost bought one of these but ended up with the titanium non-GMT instead. I should not call this Omega’s take on the Rolex Explorer II “Polar” but that’s kind of what it is, and it really pulls off the look so well.

As we have established in my video which you can see here, the sword hand issue Seamasters are hugely sought after so why wouldn’t you want to own one with the additional complication of a GMT hand. This watch simply has it all and will become your go-to for years to come. Dress it up, dress it down, this will be an absolute gem of an Omega that you don't want to miss out on.

LOT 107 - ROLEX - a stainless steel Oyster Perpetual Submariner bracelet watch, 37mm, estimate £12,000 - £18,000


I know auctioneers have to do estimates but lets be honest. This will go for more than £18000. This beautiful Rolex watch is circa 1955, which makes it an Ian Fleming James Bond novel era watch (sorry I probably just added £5K to it). The case is of course stainless steel and 37mm in diameter. It is Rolex Reference 6205 with the serial number 85959.

The non-date dial and unprotected crown make this as close to a hero watch as you will find and the mission blemishes across the armoured plexi-glass just add character.

Be mindful of the prices on this and don’t get carried away. There are other good condition models at around £60K, so if this 6205 goes anywhere close to the top end estimate someone will have secured a fabulous watch.

LOT 143 - TAG HEUER - a stainless steel Aquaracer wrist watch, 44mm, estimate £400 - £600


What a great entry level watch at a good price. The Aquaracer is contemporary and always looks the part. It is up to date and can be seen sported by the Red Bull F1 Team with the TAG Heuer logo written all over the cars and drivers. This 44mm watch is in close to perfect condition and would be well worth picking up if you are seeking a cost effective, but just as good looking, alternative to a Seamaster.

If you want to follow and bid on this auction, click here. Good luck….but be warned the other bidder fighting you for the Breitling Chronospace may be me.

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