Unique Space-Flown Fortis Stratoliners - Your Chance To Own Space History

Unique Space-Flown Fortis Stratoliners - Your Chance To Own Space History

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The ability to own a watch flown in space is beyond most collectors' means. However, Fortis have brought this opportunity tantalisingly close with a new limited collection of rare space-flown Stratoliners.

If you set out to buy an Omega Speedmaster deployed in a NASA mission, you can forget it because they are all on display in museums and owned by the US Government. The most famous space-flown watch ever to be sold privately was the Bulova worn by astronaut Dave Scott on Apollo 15 in 1971 which sold for $1.6 million.

Unique Space-Flown Fortis Stratoliners Available To BuyUnique Space-Flown Fortis Stratoliners Available To Buy - Credit Fortis

So how can mere mortals own one? There is a solution. Equally synonymous with space flight, Fortis has just carried out a groundbreaking mission to bring space-flown watches within the grasp of collectors in what has to be the most exciting and audacious PR exercise of all time.

Rocket Man!

In coordination with the Swedish Space Corporation, Fortis has participated in the launch of a rocket to the edge of the Earth's atmosphere which contained a payload of scientific projects plus a capsule containing thirteen Stratoliner Chronograph watches. It was a tense time. During its flight, the Fortis watches would be subjected to the harsh and unyielding conditions of space before hopefully making a safe return to the Earth. Rocket scientist Stephen Kramer supervised the process from the SSC.

Unique Space-Flown Fortis Stratoliners Available To BuyFortis Stratoliners Lift Off - Credit Fortis

The owner of Fortis Jupp Phillip, who we interviewed recently, said: “This is not just a milestone for Fortis but a significant leap forward for all the watch making industry. It is a testament to the resilience and reliability of our timepieces.”

Fortis made an outstanding video on YouTube which shows the entire process from packing the watches in the rocket to the dramatic launch and, we are delighted to report, safe return to Earth.

So how do you get one of these watches?

Well, the good news is you simply have to buy one; however, it's not a question of click and delivery! As there are only thirteen units, and these are unique timepieces, there is an application process where Jupp himself will decide which lucky individuals will be allowed to purchase the watches.

Unique Space-Flown Fortis Stratoliners Available To BuyUnique Space-Flown Fortis Stratoliners - Post Flight - Credit Fortis

The full specification of the Stratoliner watch is impressive before you even consider that these models are space flown. Indeed all watches in this range have evolved from a single unit which broke free of Earth's gravity.

The Stratoliner range already has space heritage because the watch was designed for a valued Fortis customer who approached the company and wanted a model to measure his time during a Virgin Galactic flight. Therefore, The standard watch has a unique luminescent pattern and dial design created explicitly for the Galactic flight. Each sub-dial on the watch covers the duration of the Climb, Boost, Zero-G and Glide back to Earth. The watch's specifications were so impressive that Fortis put it into production.

Unique Space-Flown Fortis Stratoliners Available To BuyUnique Space-Flown Fortis Stratoliners Available To Buy - Credit Fortis

Strapping a watch to the wrist of an astronaut is one thing but working out how to fire them in a rocket is quite another matter. Special cradles had to be built to give the thirteen watches a fighting chance against the enormous pressure subjected to a piece of equipment exposed gravity breaking acceleration and the void of space from the inside of a rocket. All thirteen watches survived and after through testing Fortis have decided to make them available for sale.

This new space flow watch has uncompromising specifications. It is titled the Stratoliner S-41 White Dust Supernova and will retail for CHF 8450.00. On the Fortis website, you will find an “Apply” button. From there, you will be redirected to an e-mail where you will have the privilege of justifying why you should be one of the lucky owners.

Apply now for a piece of Space History

Unique Space-Flown Fortis Stratoliners Available To BuyUnique Space-Flown Fortis Stratoliners Available To Buy - Credit Fortis

From a collecting perspective, we have never seen an opportunity like this, and if you have a passion for space watches this is a golden opportunity to own a watch which is space-flown and will not cost a million dollars.

Follow the links we have included here and watch the YouTube video, which is well very exciting. One of the most famous quotes from Apollo 11 came when the Lunar Module Eagle separated from the Command Service Module Columbia. At that moment Neil Armstrong said, “The Eagle has wings”. Never more so was this the case with these thirteen Fortis Stratoliners watches which have amazingly left our planet and returned ready for you to buy.

Unique Space-Flown Fortis Stratoliners Available To BuyFortis Team - Credit Fortis

Fortis Space Flown S-41 Stratoliners Unique Spec – CHF 8450

  • Case diameter with bezel - 41 mm
  • Space resistance - 200 m / 600 ft / 20 atm
  • Body material - Recycled stainless steel, Supernova-Gold
  • Bezel type - Flat fixed Orbit Bezel
  • Bezel Material - Recycled stainless steel with Supernova-Gold
  • Glass - Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating
  • Case back - Smoked sapphire with spaceship see-through window
  • Crown type / Pushers
  • Screw-down crown with triple gasket system
  • Dial colour - White Dust Supernova
  • Dial Details-  Clean dial with Supernova-Gold Super Luminova lines and markings for measuring elapsed space travel times
  • Hands - Brushed framed hour and minute hands (luminous), second hand (luminous), shaped minute counter hand
  • Date – “13“ in Berlac Fluor Orange
  • Calibre - WERK 17 - Stratosphere-tested self-winding Column Wheel Manufacture Chronograph. Regulated to the Fortis Performance Standards. Specially designed bridge and tangential micro screw regulation for ultimate robustness. Power reserve 60 hours.

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