Luminox Master Carbon Automatic Strap Showcase

Luminox Master Carbon Automatic Strap Showcase

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Richard Brown


Strap Showcase

Richard Brown


Strap Showcase

Luminox Navy SEAL watches traditionally come equipped with well made rubber straps and the new Master Carbon is no exception. The press sample we were given came on a green Luminox branded rubber strap with LUMI written on one side of the case and NOX continuing to the other (reminiscent of the old Breitling pro diver strap). It is a high quality strap to reflect a high quality watch.

Luminox Master Carbon Automatic on Luminox Green Rubber Strap

The Luminox OEM strap comes attached to a branded buckle with flip lock and double push safety buttons to ensure that it will never pop open. The only complication with this trap is that the two rubber halves both come in a single moulded overlong size which then has to be cut with a very sharp knife in order to achieve a perfect fit. The buckle has three micro adjustment holes to allow for your wrist to swell and contract. Full instructions are available for the cutting process.

As this was a press sample doing the rounds we chose not to cut the strap, although in fairness Luminox UK did give us permission to do so, however this decision does give us the opportunity to do one of our ever popular strap showcases for what has proven to be amazing watch.

You can read our full review from earlier this week here.

Here are our top choices for what is arguably one of the best dive/tactical watches Luminox has created to date. Let us see how the Master Carbon looks when prepared for different missions.

Luminox Master Carbon on Vintage BondGenuine Vintage Bond Military Nylon Watch Strap by Geckota – Satin - £20

Ever popular, this beautifully crafted nylon watch strap features a black base with vintage red and olive green stripes, just like the original.

As with all our British Military Nylons it is very well made, for durability, strength and long service life. The attention to detail extends to the carefully sewn-in green and gold label. As you would expect, the Vintage Bond is available in a choice of widths to suit popular watch lug sizes – including large 24mm which was required for the Luminox Master Carbon.

Genuine Vintage Bond Military Nylon Watch Strap by Geckota – Satin - £20

This style of watch strap was originally developed in the 70s by the British Ministry of Defence (MOD). The strap was often called "G10" because of the requisition form that service personnel used to get their strap from Quartermaster's Stores.

Today, these straps remain stylish, quick and easy to change, and give added security to your watch in the event of 'popping a springbar' during vigorous activity. Because our straps are so reasonably priced and easy to change, you can have a selection of different styles to suit your mood and day's activities.

We also have a selection of different buckle finishes for this product; polished silver, satin silver, satin black (PVD IP plated) and antique bronze effect (PVD IP plated).

ZULUDIVER British Military Watch Strap: CADET Bond - Classic - SatinZULUDIVER British Military Watch Strap: CADET Bond - Classic – Satin - £18

Ok so there is a bit of a theme but after all this is a Special Forces watch! To all intents and purposes this ZULUDIVER strap is very similar to the Geckota strap described above. With a black base and twin battleship grey stripes this Military Nylon makes any watch mission ready. Satin keepers reflect the subtle use of brushed silver on the Luminox bezel. For £18 the value for money this strap represents is exceptional and we challenge you to find as capable a military strap for the same price.

ZULUDIVER 317 Italian Rubber Diver's Watch Strap - OrangeZULUDIVER 317 Italian Rubber Diver's Watch Strap – Multiple Colours Available - £62

Simple lines suggest the 317 is a plain, functional rubber strap. Only when you examine it closely do you fully appreciate the delicate ‘cavatto’ cutaway.

For decades, Bonetto Cinturini has specialised in making high quality rubber watch straps. Since the 1980s, they’ve consistently met the functional needs of divers, swimmers, other athletes and discerning leisure wearers.

For this collaboration, we created another classically unpretentious waterproof range that’s strong, supple, saltwater and UV resistant. Like all our Benetto Cinturini straps, it combines durable NBR (not lint and dust-attracting silicone rubber) with contrasting hardware. The stainless steel tang buckle is ZD-signed to indicate its authenticity. Next to the sandblasted hardware, two colour-keyed box-section keepers echo the 317’s precision-cut strap holes.

Add the ZULUDIVER 12-month guarantee to Bonetto Cinturini’s impressive credentials, then buy and wear yours with confidence.

The Luminox Master Carbon is a watch that begs to be subjected to strap changes. Each one Saturday changing the look of this watch from dress to extreme sport to full on tactical.

Click here to cheque out the full range of ZULUDIVER straps.

ZULUDIVER 317 Italian Rubber Diver's Watch Strap - OrangeZULUDIVER 317 Italian Rubber Diver's Watch Strap – Multiple Colours Available - £62

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