Introducing the  S-01 Phalanx Gen 2

Introducing the S-01 Phalanx Gen 2

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Richard Brown
Richard Brown

Two years ago we launched Project Phalanx. The aim was to make a tactical/adventure watch which stood out amongst others; designed to be operationally capable and also make the transition to a first class outdoor tool watch. The result was the Sierra Zero One which fulfilled all the design criteria and became a highly successful addition to the Geckota range.  

Geckota S-01 Phalanx Gen 2Left: Geckota S-01 Phalanx Gen 2: Intelligence | Right: Geckota S-01 Phalanx Gen 2: Blackout

Our original design specifications set a high bar with a suppressed signature to the dial and case achieved by subdued finishes and non-reflective accents. The Phalanx is powered by the venerable ETA 2824-2 movement which has 25 jewels, shock-protection, a power reserve of 38 hours and operates at 28,800 vph. We created a decimal time ring for easy time calculations and an extra-long seconds hand to read this outer dial. Physical vapor deposition (PVD) hostile environment coating mirrored the finish of modern military small arms. There was double anti-reflective scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass and 300m water resistance. Vintage lume sword hands paid homage to great British military watches of the past while dual green and blue luminescence colours allowed for accurate bezel use at night. 

Geckota S-01 Phalanx Gen 2  Geckota S-01 Phalanx Gen 2. Image Credit: Geckota

As the watch was used in the field valuable feedback came in. There was nothing overtly negative (quite the opposite) but a few observations made us think about how to evolve Phalanx into a Gen 2.  

Fast forward a few months and we created a prototype Gen 2. This model was first shown to a VVIP overseas customer who really liked it (so much so they put it into service). The changes were very subtle but enhanced the original specs of Gen 1. The latest evolution of Phalanx has a more graphite, almost gunmetal, colour dial which adds a striking mechanical aesthetic to the watch and also we redesigned the bezel to have blue full lume numerals around 360 degrees and not just the luminous pip of the Gen 1.  

Geckota S-01 Phalanx Gen 2Geckota S-01 Phalanx Gen 2. Image Credit: Geckota

We are really delighted with Phalanx Gen 2 and as the demand for the watch is constant we have made a business decision to transition to it right away. Customers buying Phalanx watches from this date forward will be supplied with a Gen 2. We hope you find this as exciting as we do.  

Geckota S-01 Phalanx Gen 2Geckota S-01 Phalanx Gen 2. Image Credit: Geckota

The presentation Tactical Pack will not change as we still feel that’s the best way to show off the watch. Phalanx Gen 2 pack will consist of the Phalanx watch itself on an Tropical Rubber strap with a new matching Phalanx branded buckle. Also included will be an extra Phalanx branded Military Nylon strap in one of our bespoke military colours, flat dark earth or green, and within the high impact polymer transport case you will find a smartly designed Phalanx multi-tool. This little gem has tools and gadgets packed into every spare millimetre of space, including a bottle opener, protractor, screw-drivers, box cutter, hex-wrenches, and cable bender. To allow for safe daily carry there is no blade so it’s totally UK friendly. The Phalanx multi-tool is credit card sized and will immediately become one of your EDC items.  

The principal objective with Project Phalanx was to create a watch that was not a gimmick, but a platform which could genuinely be deployed by an SF unit and equally appeal as a contemporary watch. The subdued Satin case variant Codename: INTELLIGENCE remains for Gen 2 as does the PVD black, Codename: BLACKOUT.  

The Phalanx was born from the combined minds of a senior watch designer and someone who has spent most of their life surrounded by Special Operations units. It was a perfect storm of creativity, and the result is one of the most capable Special Operations inspired watches available today. Secure your Gen 2 Phalanx Tactical Pack now for just £699.  

Geckota S-01 Phalanx Gen 2Geckota S-01 Phalanx Gen 2. Image Credit: Geckota




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