Christopher Ward C65 Dune - Strap Showcase

Christopher Ward C65 Dune - Strap Showcase

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Christopher Ward


Strap Showcase

Earlier this week we reviewed the new Christopher Ward C65 Dune.

Christopher Ward C65 Dune Christopher Ward C65 Dune - Credit WatchGecko

Our samples of this superb outdoor watch came as standard with canvas straps. These were of a very good quality however there are other options available from the Christopher ward website, namely leather, steel, canvas, titanium or bronze.

However, here at WatchGecko we cannot resist the opportunity to ring some more changes so here are some suggestions if you are lucky enough to own a C65 (or any other good 38mm tool watch).

Christopher Ward C65 on ZULUDIVER OctoPod Watch Strap - DuneZULUDIVER Octopod Dune (yes it really does have the same name) – Dune strap £10, Buckle System alone £48

This innovative watch strap is designed to give you the best of both worlds - the durability and strength of a military watch strap, combined with the flexibility and convenience of a deployment metal bracelet buckle. And whats better than a strap that was inspired by the natural feature as the C65 – a dune.

The elasticated design of the OctoPod provides ultimate comfort and flexibility during everyday wear. You'll love the way the strap conforms to your wrist, providing a secure and snug fit that won't constrict your movement.

Following customer feedback we have redesigned the OctoPod buckle by reducing its length by 10%. We understand that the perfect fit and comfort are paramount when it comes to wristwear, and we are committed to providing you with the best possible experience.

Christopher Ward C65 on V-Stitch Vegan Italian Leather Watch Strap - Textured BirchV-Stitch Vegan Italian Leather Watch Strap - Textured Birch -  £48

Our V-Stitch Vegan Italian Leather Watch Strap in textured Birch is of exceptional quality and we have no doubt that it’ll give our Vegan Highley strap fierce competition as one of our best-sellers. Available in five colours and two textures. The V-Stitch Vegan Italian Leather Watch Strap can be purchased in either 20mm (tapering to 16mm at the clasp) and 22mm lug widths (tapering to 18mm at the clasp). It is a thickly padded strap at 3.5mm with attractive off-white stitching. The two-piece strap lengths are 120mm and 80mm respectively.

The simple double stitching makes this a very versatile strap with little superfluous detail to detract from the quality of the leather and of course the watch itself. The strap also comes equipped with quick-release spring bars for easy strap changes, and a stainless steel buckle etched with the WatchGecko logo for reassurance of a genuine quality product.

 C65 on WatchGecko Ridge Military Nylon Watch Watch Strap - Burgundy Red / Beige StripeWatchGecko Ridge Military Nylon Watch Watch Strap - Burgundy Red / Beige Stripe - £24

So prefect is this strap we used the C65 White Sand to model it!  The WatchGecko Ridge design offers a chance to give your watch a classic vintage look. This premium strap has a subtle ribbed texture to the nylon that is like old-fashioned military webbing. Just like military webbing, the 1.2mm thick nylon is incredibly tough and hardwearing. You will certainly not have to worry about keeping your watch secure whilst out exploring.

The buckle and keepers are fashioned from stainless steel, and the keeper nearest the buckle is floating so that you can adjust it to suit the amount of excess nylon you have.

With a length of 285mm this strap will fit any wrist size from 6 inches to 9 inches (15.25cm to 22.86cm).

C65 on WatchGecko Ridge Military Nylon Watch Watch Strap - BrownWatchGecko Ridge Military Nylon Watch Watch Strap – Brown - £24

We very seldom feature two of the same strap on our showcase, but this Ridge was so good we had to include it. All technical features are the same as the strap above.

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