ZULUDIVER OctoPod MK3 Buckle - IP Black

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ZULUDIVER OctoPod MK3 Buckle - IP Black

Selected Colour: IP Black

  • ZULUDIVER OctoPod MK3 Buckle - Brushed & Polished Brushed & Polished
  • ZULUDIVER OctoPod MK3 Buckle - Mirror Polish Mirror Polish
  • ZULUDIVER OctoPod MK3 Buckle - IP Black IP Black
  • ZULUDIVER OctoPod MK3  Buckle - Sandblasted Silver Sandblasted
  • ZULUDIVER OctoPod MK3  Buckle - Sandblasted Silver Sandblasted
  • ZULUDIVER OctoPod MK3 Buckle - Antique Bronze Antique Bronze
  • ZULUDIVER OctoPod MK3 Buckle - Gold Gold
Selected Size: 20mm
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"In 1973 the British Army invented a military defence standard watch strap. Fifty years later, we perfected it!"

Discover a new dimension of style and versatility with the ZULUDIVER OctoPod watch strap system.

We don't settle for good enough, we constantly strive to improve everything we do. So we took the classic British 1973 military watch strap, kept what we loved and fixed what we didn't.

We kept that same classic nylon webbing that hugs your wrist and that looks stunning without costing the earth.

We also wanted to keep the security of weaving the strap through both spring bars, so if one bar breaks you won't lose your watch at the bottom of the sea or hear the heartbreaking sound of it hitting a concrete pavement.

It took over a year to develop the original OctoPod system to ensure we had it right, with a distinctly different innovative design for each watch strap.

Key Design Features

  • Interchangeable webbing designs.
  • Expandable elastic webbing options.
  • Quick release from the wrist.
  • Dual push-button security.
  • Saltwater-resistant 316L steel.

Continuous Improvement - NEW MK3 Version now available

With a sleeker, more compact profile, Version 3 stays true to our original operating concept while offering 100% compatibility with our OctoPod watch strap range.

We've improved our manufacturing processes to guarantee build quality and reliability that you can always depend on.

All surfaces and edges have been refined, ensuring not just style, but improved comfort.

Every detail matters. That's why we've updated our finishing processes to create a luxuriously detailed brand logo.

And for peace of mind, we've registered the design to ensure authenticity and quality assurance.

What materials and finishes we use for our buckles

All of our buckles are made from salt-water resistant 316L stainless steel, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. To cater to a variety of personal styles and to perfectly match different watch case finishes, we offer six distinct applied finishings:

Brushed and Polished:
This finish combines a sleek, matte brushed surface with shiny polished edges and a  recessed logo plate. It provides a balanced look that complements both modern and classic watch designs. This finish is deal for those who appreciate subtle sophistication and it pairs well with brushed or mixed finish watch cases, adding a touch of elegance without overpowering the overall aesthetic.

Full Mirror Polish:
The full mirror polish finish is the epitome of luxury and refinement. With its high-gloss, reflective surface, this finish gives a sense of high-end craftsmanship. Perfect for formal or dress watches, it matches seamlessly with high-polish watch cases, creating a striking appearance.

The sandblasted finish offers a unique, matte texture that stands out for its understated, rugged charm. It’s particularly suitable for tool watches or those with a sporty, utilitarian design. This finish complements matte or bead-blasted watch cases, providing a robust and cohesive look.

Our PVD Black finish features a sleek, modern black coating applied through Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) technology. This finish is ideal for contemporary watch designs and adds a bold, stylish edge to any watch. It pairs exceptionally well with black or dark-toned watch cases, enhancing the overall stealthy, sophisticated aesthetic.

Polished Gold:
The PVD Polished Gold finish brings a touch of opulence and vintage charm to your watch. With its rich, golden hue and polished surface, it’s perfect for watches designed to make a statement. This finish is a great match for gold-tone or gold-plated watch cases, offering a seamless and luxurious appearance that stands out.

Antique Bronze Effect:
Our PVD Antique Bronze effect finish provides a distinctive, aged look that adds character and heritage. It’s perfect for vintage-inspired or heritage watches, giving them an authentic, timeless appeal. This finish pairs beautifully with bronze or similarly aged watch cases, enhancing the overall vintage vibe and adding a unique touch to your watch.

With these six diverse finishings, you can effortlessly find a buckle that not only matches your watch case but also complements your personal style, ensuring that your watch looks impeccably stylish.

Discover the full collection of this truly unique buckle system. With over 50 OctoPod watch straps to choose from, the options are endless. 

Manufacturer ZULUDIVER
Strap Material Colour IP Black

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