The BEST Seiko watches according to Seiko

The BEST Seiko watches according to Seiko

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Mario Ivanov





Recently we went to Seiko and Grand Seiko’s boutique on Bond Street in London. We’ve already covered some of the best Grand Seiko models so today we will be looking at the best models we could get our hands on. We asked the store manager for the best models and then we added a couple of extra ones that really caught our attention. There’s a Seiko watch for everyone, from a fun Seiko 5 to a fancy Grand Seiko Tentagraph.   

Seiko Prospex SRPF 77

SRPF77SRPF77 - Credit Grand Seiko

Let’s start with my personal favourite, the special edition Seiko Prospex SRPF 77. It has a very distinct ocean aesthetic… the name ‘Save the ocean special edition’ gives it away a little. I love the engraved manta rays leaping out of the water when you hold the watch at the right angle. I was surprised how well the massive cyclops covering the day and date works, it is huge, but Seiko have managed to integrate it beautifully.     

I love the 1970s vibe looking at the case, and talking about the case. The way it’s designed like a cushion, makes it very comfortable on the wrist, the Seiko community has nicknamed it the ‘Turtle’ and you can definitely see the resemblance of a turtle shell.  

During my visit to the Seiko boutique, I noticed something interesting. In addition to the names and prices of the watches, Seiko has also included nicknames for each watch. As I looked around, I saw the 'Tuna', the 'Samurai', the ‘Turtle’ and etc. I love it when a company acknowledges the nicknames their fans are using.  

Going back to the SRPF77, inside we find the 4R36 movement, which is essentially a Seiko NH36, which is a decent movement with a 41 hour power reserve and also 200m water resistance. It is a big watch coming in at 45mm in diameter and 13.2mm in thickness but the case design makes it surprisingly wearable.  

For £550 I think you get an absolute bargain, I really wonder if Seiko are actually making any profit selling this watch.  

Staying with Prospex and diving, we had a look at the SPB 145 which is a more compact 200m diving watch coming in at 40.5mm case diameter. It is double the price at £1,100 but inside we find the 6R35 movement which an upgrade, especially with that 70-hour power reserve.   

The sunburst dial is cool but personally, the design doesn’t inspire me that much. But there’s another great Prospex that is more interesting because it’s a chronograph.  

Seiko Speedtimer SRQ 039

SRQ039J1SRQ039 - Credit Grand Seiko

The Seiko Speedtimer SRQ 039 is a minimalistic automatic chronograph with a lovely blue dial. Prospex watches are professional watches and Seiko has a rich history in terms of timings dating all the way back to the 1964, where Seiko became the Official Timer of the Tokyo Olympic Games. 

Inside the watch we find the Seiko calibre 8R46 which is a designed to be as precise as possible. As a bi-compax chronograph movement, you’ll find the seconds sub-dial on the right and the 30-minute chrono sub-dial on the left. There’s also a respectable power reserve at approximately 45 hours.

Definitely one of the more elegant looking Prospex watches out there!  

King Seiko

SPB287JSPB287 - Credit Grand Seiko

Each Seiko brand is unique but there is something special about King Seiko. We had a look at the SPB 287 which is a premium watch for £1,560. Since 2017 Grand Seiko became independent from Seiko so in the last couple of years, King Seiko was revived to take the place as Seiko’s higher end watch market.  

In reality, the King Seiko bridges the price gap between Seiko and Grand Seiko. Originally the brand was popular in the early 60s and that is reflected in the design languge. The watch head is smaller, only 37mm in diameter and the style of the bracelet is reminiscent of that era. King Seiko was born of a desire to create a precise mechanical watch then Grand Seiko stole the spotlight and became the front runner of precise luxury watches.  

Inside the SPB 287 we find the calibre 6R31 which is a straightforward 3-hand movement with a 70 hour power reserve. The dial is stunning, but is it worth over 15 hundred quid? You can get almost the same movement but for almost half the price. 

Presage Sharp Edged Series

SPB227JSeiko SPB277 - Credit Grand Seiko

Meet Seiko SPB 227 or else known and Presage Sharp Edged Series. For around £880, you get the calibre 6R35 which is Seiko’s precision movement with a date wheel. I think this is a better value watch if you want the 6R series of movements with 70 hour power reserve.   

The watch is tad bigger at 39.3mm in diameter but only 11.1mm in thickness. The design is more modern than the King Seiko and the dial is more eye-catching. Especially the Seiko logo is more pronounced with its own background.  

The Seiko Presage models are affordable dress watches that look amazing, but if red isn’t your thing we had a look at another stunning timepiece.  

Seiko Presage Cocktail Time

SRPB41SRPB41 - Credit Grand Seiko 

Meet the Seiko Presage Cocktail Time or else known as SRPB 41. Coming in at only £349, this is almost an impulse buy. The dial is the definition of a sun-burst dial, the watch just pops like a miniature disco party on your wrist.  

Inside we find the 4R35 movement which has a 41 hour power reserve and overall this cocktail watch is slightly bigger that red one, coming in at 40.5m in diameter and 11.8mm in thickness.  

If you need a dress watch and you’re on the budget then I think this Presage is a perfect candidate for your next evening function.  

Seiko 5 Sport

Probably one of best value Seiko watches out there – the Seiko 5 Sport with reference number SRPJ45. This SKX Seiko 5 is an affordable alternative to the Prospex, it features the same calibre 4R36 for only £290. The water resistance is not that high, only rated for 100m so you won’t be able to do anything too crazy in the water but for everyday use it’s ideal. This Seiko 5 has a transparent dial so you can see the day and date wheels and the colour they’ve used is a lovely light blue that in person is stunning. 

SRPJ45K1SRPJ45 - Credit Grand Seiko

Seiko is such a big corporation, but they still manage to stay grounded and cater for every level of watch enthusiast. I feel I’m becoming a Seikoholic, which one of these Seikos grabbed your attention? Let us know in the comments down below.

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