How To Change A Watch Buckle

How To Change A Watch Buckle

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How To's



How To's

Follow our step by step guide to changing the buckle on your watch strap.

A useful guide on how to change your watch buckle, in 9 easy steps.

You will need:

Step 1

You need to place the strap on its side, position it so you can see the hole on the side of the buckle.

Step 2

Now insert the spring bar tool into the buckle hole. Whilst doing so press down and move to the side.

Step 3

You should find that the spring bar should eventually pop out of buckle hole (if not gently apply more pressure).

The buckle is now removed from the strap. You will be left with your spring bar and tongue attached to the strap.

Step 4

You now need to remove the spring bar pin out of the strap in order to remove the tongue.

To do this either:

  • Pull it out using your fingers
  • Or push it out with your spring bar tool

Your tongue will fall out when the spring bar is removed. So be careful you don't lose it.

You have now completely removed all the parts of the old buckle.

Step 5

It's advisable to get your new buckle within easy reach.

Insert your spring bar (or your new spring bar which may have come with your new buckle) back into the strap end, only push it down half way though.

Put your new buckle tongue into the middle gap of your strap.

Hold in place, and push the rest of the spring bar through the tongue and strap.

Step 6

Turn your strap and buckle on its side. Insert the spring bar pin tip into the hole of the new buckle lug end. Then align the buckle end behind the spring bar with your index finger and thumb.

Step 7

Press the spring bar tip down with the spring bar tool, and lodge the compressed tip underneath the buckle with your index finger and thumb.

Step 8

Move the buckle so it clicks into the buckle hole. If you don't hear the click noise, it won't be in properly.

Step 9

Gently tug at the buckle to make sure it is secure.

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