Update report: ZULUDIVER Kingsand on a Rolex Explorer.

Update report: ZULUDIVER Kingsand on a Rolex Explorer.

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Back in February 2022 I strapped the then new ZULUDIVER Curved End Rubber MKII strap to my Rolex Explorer II. A strap we collectively judged at the time to be a bit of a ground breaker. Initial feeling was that it looked superb on the Rolex and I can now report that 10 months later the strap is still attached to the watch; the original Oyster bracelet languishing in my watch drawer.

The finish and fit round the case remains tight and the rubber has become nicely supple with use.  In the original design, ZULUDIVER absorbed valuable construction feedback regarding the first iteration of the strap and with the new MKII they upgraded the buckle to the ZULUDIVER premium range. The strap itself is made from high quality rubber which has a smooth flat finish and a moulded, contoured, curve design. Measuring 120/80mm (excluding buckle) the strap has eight adjustment holes which will fit most wrist sizes.

The Kingsand comes fitted with two floating keepers, and the strap has a feature to hold the first keeper in place. It is worth recalling that the strap was fitted to the Rolex Explorer with standard straight spring bars.

Kingsand Essential Dimensions:

Length(s) -125 /80mm,

Thickness - 2.5mm/4mm,

Tongue width - 3mm

Price from ZULUDIVER/WatchGecko - £48

Specifically, the Rolex rubber alternate strap market has been dominated by a few brands for many years. We all know the names and equally the high price of these products. The introduction of the ZULUDIVER Kingsand represented a new quality option which could be fitted for a fraction of the price of the competitive models. 10 months in I absolutely love the strap. Experience a Kingsand on your Rolex Explorer, Submariner or Seiko Prospex for a stunning alternate outdoor look.

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