Our First Event - An Evening With WatchGecko: Photography Gallery

Our First Event - An Evening With WatchGecko: Photography Gallery

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Take a look at our first event with watch enthusiasts all coming together - Want to attend the next one?

Over the past 10 months, Ben and I have been to numerous watch events and get-togethers across the UK. One of the most noticeable parts of these get-togethers is the overriding passion people have for watches which is matched by their authentic enthusiasm.

The watch community is a relatively small one which, depending on how you look at it could be regarded as a good or bad thing. Many watch fans only know a small handful of others at a maximum, meaning passion and researched information ends up being kept to themselves. This is where watch events come in. With businesses such as RedBar, collectors and fans can all come together in one secure place to exchanges watch collecting stories and share passions. This is something Ben and I really enjoyed about the events we attended and was something we wanted to re-create for WatchGecko.

When we would return from these events, we'd share our experiences with the rest of the WatchGecko team. This, among other motivations, was the catalyst which started our plans for our very own WatchGecko event.

'An Evening with WatchGecko' was an opportunity for customers to not only experience and try on our products in person prior to ordering, but also meet with members of the WatchGecko team from website creators, to photographers, to the packing team and the man who started it all! We also wanted the evening to offer collectors and passionate watch enthusiasts the opportunity to share not only their knowledge but also their own watch collection.

Of course, we didn't come alone, we decided to bring a few products for people to enjoy. A selection of popular watch strap types was on display including our durable rubber straps, Italian leather straps and a wide range of Military Nylon straps.

Both long-running models such as the K-01 and C-01, along with some exciting new additions to the Geckota range of watches were available for handling. It was great to see many of you experience our products in person and have in-depth conversations about all things watches.

We'd like to take this moment to thank everyone who came along and supported our first event. We hope you all enjoyed the opportunity to experience our products and meet the WatchGecko team as much as we enjoyed hosting the evening.

Check out the rest of the images from the evening below, enjoy!

Think you'd be interested in future events? Register your interest here!

We had a wide range of our products along with us of course...

A range of some Geckota classics and some future leather straps...

Everything from the Geckota C-01 Racing Chronograph to our newest models to be added to the website were on display.

Both casebacks on our Geckota T-01 Tourbillons - Click here for more information on the latest Tourbillon!

Our motorsports ambassador Scott McKenna taking a look at a very exciting future project!

The new P-02 Dress Chronograph was available for viewing - Find out more here.
The Geckota K-01 Pilots Watch receiving a detailed inspection...
An ever popular new Geckota model - The Geckota G-01 Diver

There was plenty of Tudor watches attending...

A trio of bronze...
A stunning Tudor Prince Date Automatic Chrono Time 79260.
An incredible example of a Tudor Submariner Snowflake with perfect patina...
It's hard to argue with the value proposition of a Tudor Black Bay
Old and New Tudor's meeting

Don't worry if you're not a Tudor fan as there was plenty of other watches making an appearance!

A hint of an Autavia?
TAG Heuer Autavia Jo Siffert Special Edition - CY2110
The new K-01 head to head with a Rolex Explorer - Find out more about this Explorer and the journey its been on here!
Comparing watch collections!
Scott McKenna wore his trusty C-02 Sport on the wrist for the evening
The Apple Watch also makes an appearance on our Milanese Mesh...
The Breitling B-1...
Zenith De Luca...
A very interesting Seiko Chronograph also arrived.
And the evening wasn't complete without an Omega appearance!
As the evening carried, more watches came out of the bags and onto the tables!
A vintage Certina - not often seen but deserves all the attention as much as the next watch.
That's a lot of straps!

And a few final shots to round off an incredible evening!

Ben mid-speech!

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