Introducing our new Motorsports Brand Ambassador...

Category: Articles | Date: March 23, 2018

WatchGecko are very pleased to announce our latest brand ambassador to join the team, the British Racing Driver Scott McKenna!

We’re all pleased to announce that we have teamed up with young British racing driver Scott McKenna ahead of the 2018 season…

Scott McKenna is a British racing driver focused on his ambition to become a professional racing driver in GT and Endurance racing. Scott learnt his car control skills and honed his abilities through the family’s Ice Driving business in Scandinavia each winter.

From the earliest age, he could be found propped up behind the wheel driving on the frozen lakes of Scandinavia, developing the vital feel, his relaxed in car attitude and instinctive reactions that now prove to be his key assets.

An all too brief foray into the UK’s Ginetta Junior Championship in 2017 brought him to the attention of his peers, experts and the British TV media.

A lack of funding cut short his 2017 season. Rather than try desperately to fund his season race to race, he chose to regroup and embark upon a more structured approach for 2018. This mature attitude has led to Scott forming relationships with several vitally important marketing partners for the 2018 season to embark on the 2018 Ginetta GT5 Challenge.

Pictured below: Scott on media day for the upcoming season sporting not only his full racing kit but also his Geckota C-01!

Scott’s passion for cars, as well as watches, made the decision to support him a very quick and easy one. Like-minded individuals who share the same genuine desire and determination to always achieve the best they can is important for us and we feel Scott is a perfect match for the whole team here at WatchGecko.

All of us here at WatchGecko are very excited to be apart of Scott’s journey and we’d like to all wish him the best of luck for the season ahead.

Don’t forget to follow along with his journey below:

We will be updating you all with news and images of Scott throughout the season so keep your eyes peeled for more updates!

Race 1: Oulton Park 31st March – 2nd March

It’s the 31st of March, the morning of the first race weekend of the season for Scott. The revenue for the race is Oulton Park and unfortunately, the weather was against all racers.

Scott finds himself on the soaking wet grid, having achieved the lowly, by his standards, position of 17th.

“There was an issue with the car that I had no control over, so that was the best we could do.” As the lights changed, Scott’s lack of a chance to practice race starts on the different tyres meant that he dropped to 20th. With the races being of only 15 minutes duration, a slow start makes everything that much harder, with Scott climbing through the rain to reach 14th place, his starting position for Race Two.

The second race was a huge improvement, with a solid start and a strong climb through the field to 5th place, only for the red flags to be waved and the race halted just as things were looking very promising. Positions were fixed at a point two laps previously giving Scott 8th place and some valuable first points in the championship.

The challenging Easter weather meant that the final race of the day was sadly called off, though hopefully it will be rescheduled for later in the season.

Scott’s take aways from the weekend? “In race one, I was a little rusty. It’s almost a year since I actually raced wheel to wheel and no amount of testing can replicate that. I made sure on Race Two that I was right on it from the very first corner and that gave me a far better feeling in the car.”

“As ever, we all learned a lot from the weekend and HHC have been brilliant in both testing and also the race weekend. I’m really looking forward to the next race weekend and I can’t wait to be racing the GT5 on the full slick tyres and with dry race boots and no umbrella!”

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    Anthony Gorman
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    As a racing driver myself I’m very excited for Scott and WatchGecko for the up and coming season. Scott is a determined and very well skilled individual who will carry team along with him on this fantastic journey and trust me you won’t be disappointed...!! watch this space...!! I also love my watches and will be interested to see what time pieces are on offer to add to my collection.... good luck Scott.

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