The Geckota Italian Leather Goods!

The Geckota Italian Leather Goods!

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Tim Vaux


We're passionate about using only the best materials for all our products, explore the latest additions here...

Here at WatchGecko we all share a few certain common interests. First being watches (obviously), watch straps are also high on the list, motorsports and cars get a mention, but the other main interest we all mutually agree on is our appreciation for quality leather products. Whether it's a member of staff with a new everyday bag, a pair of quality British made black leather gloves or a newly delivered of a batch of handmade leather straps, you can be sure we will all undoubtedly be interested in checking them out and of course giving them a quick smell!

We've been bringing quality leather watch straps to the market now for nearly 10 years, so it's fair to say we know what is needed to make a leather product last. With this in mind, we're all really pleased to announce our latest product line to be added to the Geckota range, our new Leather Goods!

If you've ever owned a Geckota leather watch strap, you will know of the many qualities they offer. These valuable qualities and more can be found in our new leather goods. Let's spend some time exploring the first two products in more detail...

The Italian Leather Wallet

This is something we've wanted to do for some time now. And after different ideas, colour schemes, samples and slight re-designs we have our Italian Leather Wallet. As the name suggests, we have used a very high-quality Italian leather for both the inner and outer of this wallet. The leather used on this wallet can also be found on a selection of our high-end watch straps.

Right off the bat, one of the key features of this leather is its completely unique look from wallet to wallet. As you hold it in your hands, you'll notice scratches, marks, darker shades of leather and a subtle grain texture. Now don't worry, your new wallet is not damaged, this is an attribute of the iconic pull-up leather used. All of these marks are evidence from the cow the leather is sourced from. You can also add to the leather's journey with your own scuffs and marks being present on the wallet the more you use it. Much like many of our straps, the more you use this wallet the more you will see the strap change, develop and age beautifully.

Here's an example of this below, the wallet on the right is a brand new, totally unique one and the left hand one is the exact same leather but only used for 6 months!

The wallet is available with a stunning 'Dark Aquamarine Blue' coloured inner, adding the perfect amount of style to a classic leather wallet. Much like many of our watch straps, expertly sewn neat contrasting stitching can be seen throughout the whole wallet acting as a re-assuring reminder you've purchased not only a well made reliable product, but also a carefully considered piece.

When it comes to the interior of wallets, it can be a very personal decision. Coin pocket or no pocket? How many spaces for cards? Separated notes section? For the Italian Leather Wallet, we've decided to keep things simple, and have gone for a classic set up, double-sided card sections, two subtle compartments on each side of the wallet and one cash section.

The Geckota Italian Leather Card Holder

It seems we are moving further and further away from carrying a huge collection of cards, cash and coins on us as everything from our credit cards to loyalty cards seem to be moving to our phones. But sometimes you need a way of carrying a few of the essential cards and cash on you without having to bring a chunky wallet with you. Introducing the new Geckota Italian Leather Card Holder.

Neatly slotting into most pockets, our new card holder is the perfect companion if the minimal or bare essentials way of living is your style. Using a more oil based leather compared to the wax one found on our wallet, this gives the cardholder a fresher, new look for longer. The cardholder features three card slots on the front and top of the piece, with one neatly placed around the back.

Available in Brown, Dark Brown and Red there is a nice amount of variety there for you to pick from to match your style perfectly.

Much like our range of watch straps, we are confident that these leather goods are high quality and up to our standards, that's why we've stamped them with "Geckota" for our seal of approval.

Both the Italian Wallet and Card Holder are sold as standard in a well made, impressive presentation box making a perfect gift for anyone in need of an everyday carry upgrade!

What would you like to see?

Here at WatchGecko, we pride ourselves on valuing and taking action with our customer's thoughts and opinions taken into consideration. That's why we'd love to know if you have any suggestions for goods or accessories you would like us to add to the site!

Let us know in the comments below and we will all be sure to check out every suggestion!

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