Watch Gecko Team
  • Jon

    Owner & Managing Director

    I’m Jonathan Quinn, founder and owner of WatchGecko. What excites me is what excited me when I started the business – offering affordable, high-quality watches and straps that I couldn’t find elsewhere and seeing the pleasure they give our customers around the world. Then there’s building a successful business that creates satisfying employment for a wonderful team, where each member brings unique skills. Our achievements wouldn’t be possible without you and our loyal customers. My special skills and experience? I suppose it’s my vision for the company, products and service. Above all, recruiting the right people to do specialised things better than me. And empowering them to do so to the best of their ability.

    When I’m doing business, integrity, honesty and treating others as I’d like to be treated guide me. Plus helping others use and develop their talents. Watches have always fascinated me, so I guess my watch-business vision guides me too. Today, as usual, I’m wearing a Rolex Explorer. I swap it for our watches when evaluating products or if I’m ‘on public show’. I’ve got a few watches, but my days of switching watches and straps several times-a-day are long gone. My dream watches? Maybe a Tudor Black Bay or a Rolex Datajust that summited Everest in 1953 and inspired the Explorer? Realistically, the watches we’ll launch in future – my watch dream come true! Finally to what I enjoy most about marketing watches? That would be seeing a happy, fulfilled team be successful by delighting watch enthusiasts like you.

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  • Andy

    Head of New Business Development

    Few things are more rewarding than doing what you love, helping a business grow, and seeing product and service improvements have real-time effect. It’s like that here.

    As a footballer, I understand the importance of a good team like ours. I joined when our MD, whom I’d known for years, wanted a full-time product photographer. Being a keen amateur lensman, I jumped at the opportunity – and my current role evolved from there.

    Strange as it may seem, my orange-numbered Geckota K1 on our Swiss classic Bond NATO is my only working watch. I might change that one day; maybe I’ll blow the kids’ inheritance on one of the cool U-Boats that I admire at Baselworld.

    Visiting shows is great – and essential in my product development role. We’re constantly making improvements – our K1 pilot watches are now third generation!

    I’m obsessive about the integrity of our brand, saying things how they are and listening carefully to feedback – especially when we, very occasionally, slip up. We’re all human here! Years ago, I worked in insurance and learned lots from angry customers. Ours are much nicer, but the lesson about ensuring customers always feel valued stuck.

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  • Tasha

    Office Supervisor

    I love seeing new products developed, come through the sales office and go out on time – and reading customers’ nice feedback.

    Organisation’s my thing in order to get each day’s orders processed and sent. We’re one big family and time flies. Then it’s back to my other family, love of equestrian activities and music – The Andrews Sisters, Imagine Dragons and Elvis Presley is pretty eclectic!

    Perfectionism guides me. Whether you’re down the road or the other side of the world, things have to be done a certain way so you get your delivery as fast as possible. Think ‘team-playing neat freak with stunning purple hair’. That’s me!

    Today I’m wearing a lovely gold and black Squale diver on handmade leather strap. It was a – rare – return, I’d taken a fancy to it and Jon, our MD, is very generous! My dream watch? There’s this gorgeous mother-of-pearl faced Omega Ladymatic…

    Like several colleagues, I wasn’t really into watches before joining our team. Now, they’re a big part of my world. And a source of joy from seeing the genuine pleasure that we give customers – understanding and empathising with customers is everything.

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  • Ben

    Watch Designer & Creative Team Leader

    It’s a privilege following watch designers like the late Gérald Genta – ‘The Bob Dylan of Geneva’. But that’s exactly what I do, in my own modest way while designing for WatchGecko.

    I got into watches when given a TAG Heuer Aquaracer for my eighteenth. Since then, my interests in design and watches have converged. To combine both, and be paid to do it, while listening to Plini, Opeth and Dream Theater is incredible.

    My creative eye for design is one of my main contributions to our team – respectfully drawing on classic designs, before adding WatchGecko’s ‘twist’. We’ve done it with our K1, K2 and K3; expect more in future.

    I always try to be progressive, consider how what I do – and how I do it – can be improved, and understand the value behind my designs. The latest, third-generation, versions of the K1 B-Uhr that I wear bear this out. It’s my daily wear; the TAG’s for best.

    And my dream watch? I’d choose a Breguet Marine. It’s a sublime combination of diver and dress watch, based on traditional Breguet values, but interpreted in a contemporary way.

    Rather like our watches, in fact!

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  • Matt

    IT Specialist

    I’m Matt, one of the creatives at WatchGecko. I’m ambitious and passionate about using my skills to help our customers.

    With the exception of e-sports, (I’m a big Counterstrike fan), sports don’t do it for me. It’s more interesting developing my IT and design skills, listening to progressive rock-metal like Opeth, and planning how I’ll get my dream watches – Omega’s Speedmaster and Aqua Terra. Yes! Both. I’m ambitious.

    Actually, I wasn’t interested in watches before joining WatchGecko. Now I’m as hooked as the rest of the team. Today I’m wearing our K1 V30 in black, with a cool black solid-mesh bracelet. I love black. There’s something very stylish and purposeful about it. It suits my driven nature.

    I can’t imagine a better place to use my skills than at WatchGecko. It’s a great place to work; there’s the quality and the team and the way we really look after our customers. Look at the reviews on the website and you’ll see. I always remember how good it felt as a kid when I contacted a games company and they replied quickly and helpfully – we’re like that too! Call us and see!

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  • Tim

    Marketing Leader

    My interest in watches goes back to my teens; my father was a jeweller. AS well AS our watches, I love dress watches, like my Seiko SARB33 daily wear. I aspire to own luxury watches at some point in my life: a Rolex Sub, something from Hublot’s Classic Fusion range and an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak…

    I joined WatchGecko after discovering that teaching wasn’t for me. Marketing watches online matches my interests perfectly. There’s huge potential for WatchGecko and I can see how my e-commerce work contributes to our growth every day.

    I’m sure a long-standing passion for watches has helped as my role has evolved. Watches can really make an outfit and I love reading about them, scouring forums and planning the next purchase in my spare time! It also helps me understand our customers better.

    I’m guided by constantly developing and learning new skills before applying them to customer service. And always treating people as I’d want to be treated. Our team’s great for this, especially our managing director who’s taught me so much about watches.

    What do I love most about marketing watches? It’s the amazing community and how many people enjoy watches and straps – including ours.

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  • Lisa

    Dispatch Specialist

    I’m told I’m hard working and organised – essential with all the product we ship. I didn’t know much about watches when I joined WatchGecko (or computers, which amused our MD, who was formerly a software developer). Now I know K1s from K3s and NATO straps from ZULUs. It’s amazing what you learn!

    What amazes me is how many countries we dispatch to – including places in Indonesia that even DHL didn’t recognise! And I love the variety of the work.

    My guiding principle is to be efficient – and always try to improve compared to yesterday. Being in such a supportive team helps – we’re totally focused on looking after you. Being involved in new product development is interesting too.

    At the moment, I wear an Owl watch, but I’m looking forward to a new grey-dial K1 when they’re launched.

    Finally, my customer care tip is to always pay close attention to presentation. Little details, like making sure spring bars are straight, are vital because they reflect the care we put into our products. Take a look when you order.

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  • Alice


    Product quality, service and stunning photography sell watches and straps. I love doing what I love, with an amazing team, to make our products irresistible.

    I’m not sporty, so no sports achievements here. But I adore ballet – dancing and watching. Swan Lake’s my favourite; there’s contrast with my passion for Marilyn Manson and anything metal!

    I think I bring special flair for styling shots. I started playing with cameras as a toddler; over the years, I’ve learned the importance of patience and persistence – at work and at home where I spend hours setting up game-themed figure shots for my Instagram feed.

    I’m wearing one of very few prototype ‘small K1 pilot watches’. I love the simple dial, understated style and distinctive hands. And it’s blue! I don’t know the make of my Legend of Zelda ‘dream watch’, but it’s Japanese and pure metal… I’ll visit Japan one day, for the design, Anime and watches. Can’t wait!

    So WatchGecko’s pushed me beyond my comfort zone, which is great. With new products coming up, the challenge is keeping our photography as exciting as our watches and straps. I’m up for that!

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  • Claire

    FBA Packer (Amazon)

    My claim to fame is having the most watches of the whole team (after Jon, our MD) – 33 watches, although only four work! I need batteries; lots of batteries!

    I’ve always loved having different watches to go with my outfit and nail varnish. I suppose that comes from working in Beauty before joining WatchGecko. And just liking watches!

    Working here’s great, and different to anything I did before. There’s lots of variety and the challenge of meeting packing deadlines for deliveries to Amazon in the UK, USA and Japan. Then, after another busy day, it’s home to the family and my Lost Shadow Puppets, Biffy Clyro and Depeche Mode CDs.

    My skills? I’m observant, accurate and fast (as in assembling-450-strap-sets-in-a-shift, fast). And always thinking how I’d like to receive product. That’s why I put so much effort into presenting and packing product nicely – arranging straps, getting them straight and flat so recipients go ‘Wow!’

    I mentioned my watches (my family always know what to get me for birthdays and Christmas); today I’m wearing a favourite green-dial Nixon. One day I’ll have a Rolex; any Rolex will do, so long as it’s in rose gold!

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  • Al


    I love the journey I began when asked to write for WatchGecko. I didn’t own a watch; now I’ve got…several. It’s all part of understanding the watch experience and watch buyers. Actually, I’m completely fascinated – Baselworld is now in my diary! Great! For decades, Switzerland has been my regular destination for walking and learning German. Grüezi Miteinand!

    As well as wordsmithing WatchGecko product descriptions, I’ve researched and written on topics including Fliegeruhren, NATO straps and divers’ watches. Like my watch collection, my copywriting library has grown with a shelf of watch, aviation and diving books…

    Strangely, Steve Winwood’s ‘Arc of a Diver’ isn’t among a music collection that ranges across Chopin, Led Zeppelin and the late Gustavo Cerati. For Radio, it’s Radio Pilatus in Luzern, Switzerland. Can you see a pattern?

    My guiding principle for business is integrity and giving great value – easy with a team like WatchGecko, who’ve welcomed me so warmly into their ‘family’– and kick-started my watch and strap collection so generously. The Geckota K3 diver that I’m wearing is on their fantastic stainless-steel shark mesh bracelet. My dream watch is a blue-dial Omega Seamaster 300M. Strangely enough, from Switzerland!

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  • Mitch

    Financial Director

    I’m Mitch and I love helping organisations reach their potential. WatchGecko has spectacular opportunities.

    Since starting in business at 10 – attending markets with Mum – I’ve run finance teams, owned a business, then sold it to focus on helping others. The main lesson I’ve learned? Most businesses succeed by employing great people.

    I advocate not worrying about looking after customers; instead, I look after teams so they look after your customers. My biggest customer-care lesson involved being lavishly entertained by company lawyers who boasted that they’d never lost a client – just before I fired them! Lesson: take nothing for granted!

    I’m a soccer player, fan, and usually follow teams where I live. Cheltenham’s my current choice – but I still check Newcastle and Leyton Orient’s results… I enjoy podcasts, Radio 4 comedy and Desert Island Discs. And I’m word-perfect with ‘Wheels on the Bus’ and FunKids – thanks to my young sons for that.

    I like watches and get excited because everyone’s a potential customer! Mine’s a Geckota 500m ‘diver’, though, of course, I’m here to help keep us out of ‘deep water’. One day I’ll get a Breitling; two acquaintances wear them and their watches always look great.

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