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Help & Support

International Shipping

We deliver thousands of products internationally every week from our office in the UK, shipping to North America, Australia, Asia and Europe. We’ve developed strong relationships with a number of shipping companies in order to provide our international customers with lower prices and an all round better service. We also have a PO box address for returns in the United States to make the process as smooth as possible for our overseas customers. Get in touch today if you have any queries.

14 Day Returns

We offer 14 day returns and full refunds for all orders, in case you are unhappy with your order or make a mistake in your purchase. If you feel that the items you have purchased are not suitable for any reason, you can return them to us within 14 days as long as they are unused. Order with us today, worry-free.

Can I get free delivery?
How long will delivery take?
Can I get it quicker?
Do you ship to my country and how much will it cost?
My order hasn't arrived?
Tracking number?
What is the return policy?
I've received my order and there is something wrong
I've returned my order, where is my refund?
Can I view my orders?
When ordering by card I get CVV payment error?
When ordering by card I get AVS Payment Error?
I have a problem when making payment?
Can I order over the telephone?
Metal Curved End Pieces
Out of Stock Items
How do I know what size strap I need?
How do I know what size strap I need?
Can I view my orders?
How do I sign up for WatchGecko newsletters?
How do I use discount codes?
What if I forget to use my code after I have place an order?
I have more than one discount code, can I use them?
How does VAT (sales tax) affect prices on WatchGecko website?
How does the exchange rate effect the price?

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