Welcome To The New WatchGecko Site

Welcome To The New WatchGecko Site

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Anthony Peacock
Anthony Peacock

After nearly a year of design, testing, and optimisation, WatchGecko has launched its brand new website, with a completely fresh look and improved systems to make the process of buying watches and accessories even more enjoyable and straightforward.

The new site was designed from a completely clean sheet of paper, to reflect the evolving needs of customers and the business, which has expanded rapidly to include new watch brands and product ranges over the past decade.

Many well-known names and features remain on the new site, however, such as the acclaimed WatchGecko magazine, which offers a wide range of content on diverse topics, making for a regularly-updated fascinating read.

With all products listed by category as well as brand, it’s now easier than ever to find exactly what you are looking for, while our detailed renders and photography take you into the heart of each product directly from your screen. From there, ordering is easy – from almost anywhere in the world for rapid delivery.

WatchGecko specialises in bringing you some of the most interesting watches and straps that you can find anywhere, ranging from fresh up-and-coming brands to established names with a long history. Since being established 12 years ago, WatchGecko has helped to grow a passionate community of enthusiasts looking for affordable quality to wear on their wrists, along with the right accessories to go with them, with materials sourced from the finest suppliers all over the world.

Jon Quinn, the managing director of WatchGecko, said:

“It was apparent a while back that we had outgrown our previous website, which is at the very core of our business as an online retailer. So it was important to take our time to redesign it from the ground up, in order to deliver a new site that gives customers not only a better user experience but also an even more enjoyable one, helping to feed their interest in the fascinating world of watches.”

As well as the popular product ranges that have always been sold on WatchGecko, many of our other brands are also featured on the new site, such as FORZO: a stunning range of automotive-themed retro watches inspired by the golden age of motorsport.

There are also a number of WatchGecko exclusive products that are the result of unique collaborations with other manufacturers, which means that they can only be bought on the WatchGecko website.

There is a sale section too, where those looking for a bargain can find some great discounted products: again, not available anywhere else. Don’t forget to visit the latest section as well to see all the newest releases, and you can keep up to date by signing up for the WatchGecko newsletter, which brings all the latest news and features to your inbox, as well as some discount codes from time to time.

All products on the site are comprehensively reviewed by our writers as well as customers themselves and come with a guarantee, meaning that it’s easy to buy with confidence and knowledge.   

Since 2019, WatchGecko has been a carbon-neutral company that has also pledged to plant trees in its home county of Gloucestershire: looking after the natural community is just as important as the watch community, and you can read more about these initiatives on the website. 

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