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  • Introducing the ZULUDIVER Tropical rubber watch strap.....

    Taking inspiration for the original Swiss Tropical rubber watch strap made during the 60's & 70's and fitted to some of the luxury brands like Rolex, Blancpain and Tudor.

    Rest assured we have used resilient and high quality NBR rubber. It is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions like salt-water and UV (ultraviolet) rays therefore ideal for fitting to your diver's watch.

    Please note this watch strap is not designed to take Seiko fatter spring bars.

    Is this the right size strap for me? With an average sized watch the 20mm strap would suit a 6 to 7.5 inch wrist and the 22mm version would suit a 7 to 8.5 inch wrist.

    More Info
  • Thickness 4mm - 2.4mm
    Tongue Width 2mm
    Clasp Type Buckle
    Clasp Material Stainless Steel
    Fittings Supplied Spring Bars
    Strap Style Tropic Dive
    Strap Material Rubber (NBR)
    Strap Style 2 Piece
  • Still the leading Tropic strap many try to copy.


    Still the best re-interpretation of the famous tropic diver strap from the 60-es you can buy these days. There are many copies and cheaply made attempts from fly-by-nighters like 'Cheapest Nato straps' who make their straps in China from cheap silicone but advertise as 'per genuine specs'. Uncle Seiko tropics come cloose second but until he fixes the issue of easily breaking keeper and the over-hardness, rigidity and plastic feel of his straps, the WG Tropic is still untouchable. Made by Bonetto Cinturini in Italy, from real, vulcanized rubber, this one is hard to beat.
    I would just make a suggestion to increase the length a little on their 20mm strap, in its current edition it comes few mm shorter than 'standard' length.

    Excellent product and service.


    Very comfortable and just the right length for my 7.5" wrist. I'm currently wearing it on a Bulova Moon Watch and it fits the 70's vintage aesthetic perfectly.



    Looking and feeling great on my Seiko SKX013!

    Looking great


    Very nice. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the strap. It really enhances the look of the watches I put it on. Looks better than leather and bracelets I think on divers. Fast shipping also, thanks!

    Great quality - no signs of use after being worn for over a year


    I wrote one of the first reviews of this strap and I need to change it from a 4 to a 5 star. I have had it for over 1 year now and I have been wearing it every day. I am not able to see that it has been worn at all - it still looks like new. It does not attract dust like many other similar straps. Totally worth the money!

    Found the perfect dive strap


    Just got this was for my bremont but it has ended up on my citizen commando watch ,so will by another one
    This it's a great strap

    love it


    love it. currently my favorite strap. on my steinhart Ti now but will go on my new pelagos tomorrow :^)

    Great strap


    Excellent strap. Very comfy. Solid quality. Fast delivery. I bought two - one for my Longines Legend Diver - and the watch looks stunning with the strap. Thanks!

    Excellent quality


    Perfect fit for my wrist. Soft and thin, it's better than a BC 317 that i found too thick (but good anyway). The comfort is almost the same as an Isofrane. Good fruit scent (grapefruit), but i understand that some people could dislike it). And it gives an excellent look to my Orient Ray II (orange dial). Highly recommended.

    Impressed with the quality for value


    Really impressed with this strap. Purchased for my seamaster pro as I couldn't find a waterproof strap that performed well for a reasonable price. The strap itself is very high quality rubber and buckle feels secure. There is an almost citrus smell but it does wear off significantly after its been in water. My only problem is that I have had to make an extra space between eyelets as I am in-between for a comfortable fit. Very impressed overall and confident to buy again in the future!

    Didn't fit me, but great quality


    Great quality. I ended up giving it to someone else though, as my wrist was in-between holes and I couldn't get a good fit. Due to the design, the holes are a bit farther apart, and I needed right in the middle. If it would have fit, I'd have bought a second just in case. Seemed like a great strap.

    Looks great but was disappointed by fit and comfort.


    I really wanted to love this strap. Alas I was disappointed. I needed a strap thinner than an Isofrane and read the great reviews here. I found it too short for my 7" wrist. the keepers fiddly and the strap although it felt supple, once it was on didn't conform nicely to my wrist and was a tad hard and uncomfortable. Looks great though, lovely vintage tropical vibe. Sad about this.

    Just perfect.


    Just perfect, correct price, good quality and fast delivery.
    Efficient and pleasant website.

    Just the right look and feel.


    Was searching for a vintage tropical strap for a number of watches, including my vintage Heuer pro diver and a Christopher Ward Trident C60. After looking on eBay and Amazon and finding lots of silicon straps, I found this and ordered it. Installed it upon arrival on my Trident c60 and it looks great and more importantly feels great. The strap is supple and pliable, not stiff and sticky.

    Perfect rubber strap for your divers


    Everything about these straps is perfect. Comfort, ventilation, and length. Have been buying tons of rubber straps and I think this ends the hunt. A must have for your dive watch!

    A Quality Strap


    I've tried a number of these "Tropic" style straps, from various places around the WWW. Most are a variation on the "silicone" material theme; soft, very flexible and prone to attracting dust. This strap however is a cut above. It is pliable, but with some integrity and holds its shape while moulding to the wrist through body warmth. It does not attract dust and is ideal paired with a fold over sports style deployant clasp. This is a different animal to the £10 look-a-likes and I'd rate it as very similar to an Isofrane in terms of feel and quality. On the face of it, this isn't a cheap strap, but it is a quality item and I'll be buying another for my MM300.

    Perfect rubber strap!


    Everything about this strap seems perfect to me. The matt appearance, the pattern of perforations, the thickness are all just right. Functional but with a great retro look. Happy with the length (7" wrists).

    Positive: Very good finish, quiet different from other tropic silicone watchbands alternatives on the market, feeling is good. Looks great on my Longines legend diver. Negative: Its a bit too long for my small wrists. It works, but it should be availabl


    Positive: Very good finish, quiet different from other tropic silicone watchbands alternatives on the market, feeling is good. Looks great on my Longines legend diver.

    Negative: Its a bit too long for my small wrists. It works, but it should be available in different lengths.

    Just perfect


    Looks and feels like a premium product. Highly recommended!!

    Worth the money!


    Excellent alternative to the expensive NOS versions of this strap. This real rubber strap is comfortable, though the smell has a bit of industrial rubber smell to it. It is not bad, though I would have rather had the vanilla rubber instead. Not a deal breaker by any mean, and it may wear off over time. Already considering grabbing a second one, as this will look great on vintage and vintage styled divers.
    Also, I wouldn't try fat spring bars with this one - standard one only!

    Put a bit of history on your wrist


    Another ZuluDiver gem that pays homage to the original Tropic rubber straps that found their way onto Rolexes and similar dive watches 50 years ago. It feels good, has plenty of length, even if you are quite 'wristy' (I'm 7 1/2 inches) and is really rather nicely made. In my opinion, it's much more stylish and better made than the standard expanding black rubber dive strap that comes with Seiko's SKXA35...

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Introducing the ZULUDIVER Tropic rubber watch strap. Taking inspiration for the original Swiss Tropic rubber watch strap made during the 60's & 70's and fitted to some of the luxury brands like Rolex, Blancpain and Tudor.

ZULUDIVER - Quality Assured

ZULUDIVER is a UK brand specialising in diving and outdoor watch straps. High quality materials are used in their production and offer some great looking products to be fitted to your treasured watch.

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