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    While this strap is at the prototype stage, get one while you can! And if there is something you like about the strap, or something you would like changed, we'd love to know!

    Lengths: 140/80mm
    Thickness: 2mm
    Material: Genuine Leather
    Material Type: Vintage
    Material Finish: Natural Leather Grain
    Stitching Colour: Ivory

    Buckle Type: Buckle
    Buckle Material: Stainless Steel
    Buckle Tongue Width: 3mm

    Special Features: Genuine Leather
    Fittings Supplied: Spring Bars
    Style: NATO 2 Piece

    More Info
  • Length(s) 140mm / 80mm
    Thickness 2mm
    Material Type Genuine Leather
    Material Finish Natural Leather Grain
    Stitching Colour Ivory
    Tongue Width 3mm
    Clasp Type Buckle
    Material Stainless Steel
    Special Features Prototype
    Fittings Supplied Spring Bars
    Strap Style 2 Piece NATO
    Strap Material Genuine Leather
    Strap Style NATO 2 Piece
  • I like a lot about it, with minor gripes


    First, I love the strap, and I love the sale price of the strap. I dig the look of the leather and how soft and pliable it is. It's very comfortable on my wrist. Currently I have a Seiko diver on it and the look is exactly what I envisioned when I bought the strap.

    Two comments:
    1. The strap is too long, as others have said. I traced a coin and cut the end off rounded, and now the length isn't a problem.

    2. I wonder about the durability. Because it is soft and thin, I'll be keeping an eye on that second hole, which is where I wear mine. After one day of use is now a little stretched.

    Needs some improvement


    Leather: great, soft and nice to wear
    Colour: great, exactly as on pictures
    Buckle: brushed - looks awesome

    Downside: 2nd buckle useless, doesnt keep the end of the strap in palce :(

    Good watch strap, could be even more awesome with tweaks


    Good quality leather, looks great, and it fits well. The end free metal loop could be a bit thinner to keep it in place better, but all in all a great watch strap!

    Good prototype, could be great with minor tweaks


    This is a nice vintage design and extremely comfortable. The leather is thin, which IMHO makes it feel more like a NATO than if it had been made too thick.

    The strap is long enough to tuck the free end under the keepers, which I found were the right thickness to hold the end securely. One of the keepers is running (i.e. not stitched in place) which made it easy to tuck the strap in. The knack is to slide the keeper right up towards the buckle, fold the strap over, and then slide the keeper back over the folded-in bit of the strap. This is good design as it would have been very hard to tuck the strap in to a keeper fixed in place.

    I think the buckle is the right size; a hgue pre-v type wouldn't suit the strap, but a standard Nato type would be too small. It is quote thin and curned, so very comfortable.

    Niggles: the leather is very thin and it stretches after a while. Just making it too thick would affect comfort and the NATO style, but perhaps a slightly thicker and also slightly better grade of leather would sort this out. The strap is also very long; I have to use the last hole, and my wrist is not that small (about 7"). Also the finish of the "vintage" leather was perhaps aged rather too much, and seems very dried out. I applied a bit of Sedgwick's wax and it was much improved.

    Summary: very glad I got one of these at £10. I would have been a bit of a disappointment at £24, but with a few tweaks it would definitely be worth it.

    Finally, congratulations on the idea of selling prototypes at a discount to "crowd source" some of the product testing!

    No problems


    Nice supple leather, simple no nonsense watch strap. As with any strap I buy I always give it a bit of tugging and pulling before fitting, in case of buckle/stitching failures, passed with flying colours. The strap is comfortable from go, and will wear in and age well.. Buckle is perfect size for me (I do not like pre-v buckles) and the keepers are fine. The strap is fitted to my rough use watch so it's been well tested.

    Excellent nato-style 2-piece straps


    I expected fairly thin leather compared with other non-nato leather straps and to fold the end of the strap back on itself when wearing it. With this expectation I bought one for my Tissot PRC200 (20mm) and I think they're excellent - so bought a second one for my Seiko SKX007 (22mm).

    The leather is good quality, hardware is nice looking, feels very comfortable to wear. Constructive feedback, although I'm digging deep to find any for you, would be that the keepers are 'snug' when the strap is folded back and it could also do with an extra couple of cm in length.

    All in all, very happy.

    not very good


    The strap is too thin and the buckle is too big

    Needs more effort


    Pros: Stunning design when paired up with my Seiko Sarb017. The buckle has a lovely profile. Cons: Ordered a 20mm got a 22mm (still fits though). The leather is lovely and soft but after 5 days where the eyelets deform and stretch due to the material being too thin. This makes the watch dangle on the wrist. It's on the tightest setting now but still doing the same. Suggest, keep the softness and up the thickness to prevent this otherwise lovely design.

    I like it


    It's one of my favorite straps. Love the leather. the metal rings are a little to large if you dont fold the strap backwards. If you do then it fits nice, maybe even make the strap longer. or make the rings fixed. When folding most of the strap ends up near the buckle.

    Nice strap


    Very happy with my strap, as mentioned by some others I think the keepers could be a bit tighter and I also think the strap could get away with being about 1cm shorter. The quality of the leather is great and just right on the thickness, I'd definitely buy another.

    Good job


    For a prototype i couldn't really fault the strap. The leather is soft and has a nice look to it. I'm still undecided about the buckle style but this isn't a major thing. Quite like to see this style in 19mm too for some of my older Seikos.

    Great strap


    Item is good but the metal keepers are stylish but weak. The fast shipping was great. Leather strap as a whole could have been thicker. Very comfortable



    Great quality, not too thick, no need to break in. Would buy again.

    Good service


    Good service once again from WatchGecko, at this price you can't go wrong!



    I purchased several of these prototype straps and they make a great alternative to a normal NATO. I used mine to get the NATO look on a smartwatch so that the rear sensors still function.

    Do not buy.


    The worst leather straps I have ever experienced. Won't be buying from watch Gecko ever again. I know I shouldn't expect colareb or Hirsch quality at this price but these straps are a joke. Just spend the extra $10 and get a fluco or Hadley Roma strap. Ordered two; total waste of money.

    Very good, can have slight improvements


    The vintage feel if the strap is great. The metal keepers could be a couple of mm thinner & the buckle could be slightly smaller as I got this strap to fit under shirt cuffs with the cooler weather.

    Almost perfect...


    Soft supple leather which has a great vintage look and feel. I would say that the floating keeper needs to be tighter as it often slips off the end of the strap.

    Looks great, but needs a bit more improvement on the metal details


    Looks fantastic. The buckle should be a bit more robust, as it has come off once or twice in the two weeks I've been using it. Also the metal strap holder which secures the end of the strap is a bit too large given the thickness of the leather.

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These straps are made to the same great quality you've come to know from ZULUDIVER and Geckota. While this strap is at the prototype range get one while you can!

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