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WatchGecko YouTube Channel - April 2023 Highlights Including W&W23

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The WatchGecko Magazine Team



The WatchGecko Magazine Team



Every month we add lots of interesting content to the WatchGecko YouTube Channel. Join us there now for lots of Watches and Wonders news plus the usual conversation and reviews. Here are our highlights from April 2023. 

Anthony's Owners Review of his beautiful Grand Seiko

For reasons which we cannot understand we have never photographed or filmed Anthony's GS and we change all that here where he discusses the watch purchase and ownership. 

Watches and Wonders 2023

There are multiple videos on the WatchGecko Channel which were made by our team on location at W&W23. We cover most of the new watches that were released from the Swiss giants and other brands you may be less familiar with. 

The New IWC Ingenieur

Hands on with IWCs ultimate tool watch - the new Ingenieur. A stunning collection but is it worth over £10,000? 

YouTube Shorts

When you need a quick watch fix on the go, then we regularly upload Shorts which last just 60 seconds. Highlights this month are in the form of some fabulous vintage watches we had on load from Watches of Lancashire such as a TAG 2000 and a Fortis B42. 

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