Time To Unwind Podcast #3 - Dirty Dozen Watches

Time To Unwind Podcast #3 - Dirty Dozen Watches

Tim Vaux




A chat about an interesting collection of vintage military watches and a special Omega!

In episode 3, Anthony, Ben and I all dive into the details of a special vintage Omega to Anthony that just so happens to be one of the Dirty Dozen from the 40s. We end up chatting for a while about the Dirty Dozen watches as a whole and the fascinating story associated with them. There is plenty to chat about.

Anthony's own Omega Dirty Dozen which he has had since he was 15 - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine

We also pick our favourite Dirty Dozen watch which promotes Ben to take that question and really make it his own...

Sit back and enjoy!

Show notes:

Taking A Look At The Famous Dirty Dozen Watches
ACollectedMan Dirty Dozen Article
Vintage Vertex ATP Watch
@billydeee on Instagram
Normal People Programme
Rush movie
Niki Lauda: The Biography

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