Time To Unwind Podcast #22 - Chatting With Watch World Guru Adrian Hailwood

Time To Unwind Podcast #22 - Chatting With Watch World Guru Adrian Hailwood

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Tim Vaux




Join us as we chat all things watches with Adrian in episode 22...

This week, we were privileged to welcome a very special guest to Time To Unwind: Adrian Hailwood. Adrian is a well-known writer, speaker, journalist and watch valuer, and we really appreciate him spending some time with us. He’s got some fascinating insight from the world of watches – and also philosophy – as this week we continue the endless debate about form versus function. In other words, do you need a watch to look beautiful or merely functional? We could go on for hours about this, but thankfully for you, we limit it to just one hour of fascinating listening. We hope, anyway…

Sit back and enjoy!

Show Notes:

Red Dead Restoration

A moment in time captured in pieces

Rolex Space Dweller, an amazing story from Adrian in GQ

Le Mans film

Lange and Sohne Rattrapante Honey Gold – stunning

Shuck the Oyster Autavia Vintage Chronograph

Schwarz Etienne Roma Synergy by Kari Voutilainen. Blue or grey?

Ressence make a very red charity watch

Meet Adrian

The history of wristwatches

Minimalist watches

Andy Warhol’s Cartier

4m33s. What's your favourite bit?

Moser Minute Repeater

A different type of watch

Patek 5950, most beautiful watch ever?

George Daniels Millennium watch

Cartier Tank Cintrée

Breguet Tradition collection

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Breguet image credit: Monochrome Watches

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