Time To Unwind Podcast #20 - The Biggest Watch News Of The Year?

Time To Unwind Podcast #20 - The Biggest Watch News Of The Year?

Tim Vaux




When Rolex speaks, like it or not, everyone listens...

Whatever Rolex announces grabs attention. They could issue a press release about what the chairman had for breakfast, and it would probably make the front page of most watch-related media. We might even make a Swiss-breakfast themed podcast about it (“So tell me Jon, have you ever tasted egg and bacon fondue?”)

Imagine then, the frenzy of excitement that followed the announcement of Rolex’s new watch releases at the beginning of September. Not only do we have new colours for the Oyster Perpetual, but also a paradoxical Submariner that’s bigger but looks smaller: among many other things.
Joining Anthony, Ben, Jon and Tim is regular guest Neil Duckworth as we analyse all the new releases from Rolex – and prepare to move into Tim’s ancestral home in France. One day.

Sit back and enjoy!

Show Notes:

Mike Ward interviewed about the Christopher Ward Supercompressor

‘Ray’ film trailer

Chateau Vaux – Tim’s ancestral home (he wishes)

Chronoswiss Skeltec, an unusual release

A kaleidoscope of colours for the Oyster Perpetual 36

Stella dial from 1970s

New Submariner versus old Submariner

Check out all the colours on the wrist

The refinement of perfection (a great line to come up with on your next birthday)

Multi-coloured Submariners

The world’s biggest Rolex store

The ultimate Sub?

And a cool Day-Date

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