Time To Unwind Podcast #10: Motorsport and Watches - Why It Just Works

Time To Unwind Podcast #10: Motorsport and Watches - Why It Just Works

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Tim Vaux



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Is motorsport and watches a match made in heaven?

Motorsport and watches go together like gin and tonic. And for once the analogy is a good one, as there’s a slightly thirsty start to this episode (just check out the first clip below). But enough about drinking, as this episode is really all about driving. After the obligatory run through our latest inspirations, Anthony, Jon, Tim and Ben talk about their favourite motorsport-themed watches. And then we really let our imaginations run riot, by choosing which watch brands we would become ambassadors for, if only we were famous Formula 1 drivers. Finally, we meet somebody who’s making a real difference: Peter Knoflach, the founder of Racing Heroes, which is a unique initiative that allows injured veterans and disabled drivers to achieve their potential through motorsport. And of course, there’s going to be a very special watch to mark the occasion.

Sit back and enjoy!

Show notes:

Ice cold in Alex

2019 Wimbledon Final

Ferrari 312 V12

Heuer Silverstone

Heuer Daytona

Heuer Montreal

Heuer rally clocks

TAG Heuer Monaco

Rolex Daytona

Enicar Sherpa

TAG Heuer Autavia

Jochen Rindt

Baltic Aquascaphe

Rolex Explorer 1


Audemars Piguet

AP brakes

Pharrell Williams Richard Mille

Can I have it like that?


Oris Williams

Kimi Raikkonen TAG


Rolex and Roger Federer

Lange and Soehne

Racing Heroes

EIGHTY-ONE Power Drink

Scott McKenna

Rolex GMT Master II

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