Is The ZULUDIVER Tropical Style Watch Strap The One For You?

Is The ZULUDIVER Tropical Style Watch Strap The One For You?

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Guy Parker


How To's

Guy Parker


How To's

We fit one strap to a ton of different watches - You're welcome...

Are you looking for a tropical-style rubber watch strap but just not sure how it will look on your watch?

Well, you’re in luck! We’ve created a comprehensive pictorial showcase for our popular ZULUDIVER Tropical Style Rubber Strap, showing how it looks on a wide variety of watches.

The main aim is of course to inspire you and help you with your decision-making process. As watch enthusiasts ourselves we know all too well that, with so many straps available, it’s never easy to choose.

If it helps cut down on returns and therefore minimise carbon emissions and packaging waste, then that’s great too. A win/win for everyone!

DID YOU KNOW? We’re a carbon neutral business and, at the time of writing this, we have saved over 350,000 trees thanks to your orders placed on the site! Lowering our impact on the planet is important to us, including reducing our use of plastic, switching to recyclable packaging and reducing orders sent back to us.

Why would you order a ZULUDIVER Tropical-Style Rubber Watch Strap?

The Tropic strap is a staple for many watch enthusiasts and collectors’ arsenal. Originally made popular in the 1950s by divers due to its breathability, durability and waterproofness, it’s popularity now extends well beyond its original intended purpose. You can instantly recognise a tropic-style strap by its signature textured ‘basket-weave’ pattern and punched holes.

Although our ZULUDIVER Tropical Style Straps are very competitively priced, we know that the quality speaks for itself and holds its own against much more expensive offerings.

Here is why we love it:

  • The ZULUDIVER Tropic comes in two different styles; the ZULUDIVER Vintage Tropic and the ZULUDIVER Modern Tropic. The main difference is the way the tail end of the straps taper. The Vintage version also has a more matt finish and feels more cloth-like.
  • Both versions feature quick-release spring bars for easy swap-outs and a premium ZULUDIVER buckle.
  • Tropic straps are waterproof.
  • FKM rubber is a great choice of material due to its high resistance to heat & chemical changes, and is widely used in the pharmaceutical, aviation and aerospace industries.
  • A variety of colours are available, so whether its understated and complimentary or outrageously contrasting you’re after, we’re got you covered!

Which watches work well with the ZULUDIVER Tropical Style Rubber Straps?

Whilst tropic straps are ideal for diver's style watches, they are much more versatile than that. Let’s take a look at a range of watches the ZULUDIVER Tropical Style Rubber Straps suits particularly well...

The NTH Antilles on a ZULUDIVER Modern Tropical Style Rubber Strap in Black - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine

Do you like what you’ve seen here? Are you now certain the ZULDIVER Tropic is the strap for you? Great! Now there is only one thing left to decide: Which colour to go for?!

Click here to head over to the strap to make it yours today.

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