The Oris 65 Divers Bronze 2 Tone - First Impressions and Hands On

The Oris 65 Divers Bronze 2 Tone - First Impressions and Hands On

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Could this be your new summer watch for 2019?

Continuing the theme of new watches for 2019, we recently received one of the coolest watches of Baselworld here at the office, so it was only right we do a little unboxing, first impressions and hands-on with the Oris Sixty-Five Bronze 2 Tone Diver.

The Oris 65 Divers Sixty-Five Bronze 2 Tone - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine

Opening the Oris box, it’s clear this is a well-balanced watch, in pretty much every aspect. The 40mm width with execution and inclusion of bronze effectively adds something we haven’t seen before in the Sixty Five line up.

As you can tell, the watch now features bronze throughout the oyster style bracelet and bezel. It’s worth noting that if you’re not a fan of bezel touching your skin, the bezel is actually stainless steel with just the insert being bronze.

Balance seems to be the word of choice with this watch, and the dial is the textbook example of this. This really ties everything together on the watch. A two-tone diver could look quite dressy in gold (The Submariner or new Sea-Dweller for example) but Oris went for cool casual bronze instead. Not only a lot more on brand but it also keeps the watch versatile.

That deep blue glossy dial does have a tendency to smarten the watch up a little but again, the bezel with its reverse stamped minute markers tones it down. The dial is actually a curved gloss one which mirrors the style of the domed sapphire to add even more character.

Watches with the date at six can either look out of place or perfect. And in the case of the 65 Diver, it's the latter. As the date window sits on a small lumed indice it is actually framed very well.

Unsurprisingly the 65 feels well proportioned, comfortable and actually quite unique on the wrist. There aren’t many other watches available at this price point that look similar and if there was, it would most likely share the same brand name. This is a thin watch, the caseback disappears once on the wrist which emphasises its slender angular case.

If you’re used to wearing genuine vintage sports watch, this is a fantastic option coming in at a more modern size.

After only a few days with the watch, it’s clear this 2019 version of the 65 diver doesn’t take itself too seriously, in the best possible way. Not only is the watch stylish and on trend with the combo of bronze and two-tone, but it’s also full of charm. Something that will only develop over the years of ownership, courtesy of the bronze additions.

This is yet another Oris that will please a lot of wrists. It’s balanced sizing and effective additions of bronze give this watch a solid benchmark for success. The gloss blue curved dial sets the watch off just right making this one of the strongest releases this year.

If you want to see more of this watch in the future, be sure to keep an eye on our Online Magazine, for regular weekly content covering interesting aspects of watches.

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank Oris for sending this watch out to us, if you're interested in learning more about the 65 Diver range or any other Oris watch, click here.

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