The Biatec Majestic 03 Review - Elegance For All Wrists!

The Biatec Majestic 03 Review - Elegance For All Wrists!

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An elegant, distinct dress watch for those who don't normally like 'traditional' dress watches...

Sometimes it's more interesting to take the path less travelled. This time that path is leading to a creation from Biatec. This Slovakian watch brand offers a considerably vast collection of watch styles and looks, each with their own unique language to match. And it’s the Majestic range that we want to shed some light on, to show you that dress watches don't have to be conventional.

The Biatec Majestic 3 - What it does

The Biatec Majestic 03 fitted to the Highley Ostrich in Black - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine [product ids="3423, 4700,5097"]

The Biatec Majestic consists of 5 models with stainless steel cases taking 4 out of the 5 and a rose gold finish taking the final spot. The piece you're looking at is the 03 from the collection which is made up of a light silver sunburst dial, steel case with matching steel coloured multi faceted indices. Oh and of course large, elegant leaf hands command the dial attracting all of the light. But more of those later.

Finally, a large offset dark grey subdial keeps track of the seconds at the 9’oclock position. These details sit in a 40mm wide case with a thickness of 12.83mm and a lug to lug distance of 48mm. This is by no means a small watch, but it’s also not a big watch;it’s a larger watch which certainly appeals to many.

The case itself is understated and simple when it comes to details, that is until you turn the watch over and get a look at the case back. Here we get a surprising amount of detail and it's where the story behind the watch starts to become more clear.

As a company Biatec are proud of two sides to their story. The first is their country of origin. The shield design with a cross in it pays homage to their national emblem. This is a fantastic touch that really does suit their creations. The second is their name which comes from the name of a king who was present on old Celtic coins minted in the capital during the 1st century B.C. The name is also used to refer to the coin itself.

The caseback now starts to make a little more sense as we see a gold coin with the same image you would see on the real coin. A nice touch that allows the wearer to connect with the brand more. We also see a plaque on the lower part of the case where the strap attaches which is likely there showing the numbered edition of the specific watch.

Powering the Biatec is a fascinating movement, the Eterna caliber 3901A. This was introduced around 5 years ago now with an aim to create a mass-produced modular movement. The thinking being that up to 88 possible complications can be added to this movement, making for a fantastically versatile and appealing option for watch brands. HODINKEE has written a great article breaking down the movement here, which is well worth your time if you’re looking to learn more.

What is it like in person?

The Biatec Majestic 03 fitted to the Otley Leather in Reddish Brown - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine [product ids="3423, 4700,5097"]

I think we need to get some of the obvious points out of the way here. Sure, it is a time only smart dress watch, but don’t let this fool you. This is a surprisingly versatile watch thanks to its increased size and modern feel. It’s easy for watches nowadays to go for a vintage look in their design and call it quits. But the Biatec feels more modern than you might think. Its 9 o’clock subdial, pointed clean indices and huge leaf hands are fantastic design choices adding a strong identity.

The Biatec Majestic’s choice to strip back on dial detail enables you to really slow down and appreciate the watch more for it’s clean appearance. For a thick watch it is undoubtedly elegant. Naturally for its size, this real is best suited to a larger wrist but just know this watch acts as proof that large wrists can enjoy elegant watches just as much as the next wrist.

People who know a little about me and my watch preference will understand my love of simple watches. Of course, I do genuinely appreciate complicated chronographs and watches with lots of things happening in the dial. But simple watches are my first and strongest love. But don't get it confused, simple doesn’t mean ‘easy’. The art of simplicity is massively different from just simple designs. There’s a complexity to simplicity and it’s that complexity that makes 'simple watches', beautiful. The Majestic goes as far as hinting at that complexity.

The watch is shown on the Biatec website fitted on dark brown and black croc pattern straps, which undeniably suit the watch well. However, the model we have with us today has opted for a yellow croc pattern option. This is a combo that I’ve struggled to get on with. Fear not, as we have a few ways to transform the watch.

Watch Straps for Biatec

Looking at this watch, you may think on the surface there are not many directions we can take it with replacement watch straps. It’s a dress watch so it has to be on dress straps, right? Well, not exactly. Of course dressy straps work very effectively however we have some more casual options that you might be surprised to hear don’t feel or look out of place…

Highley Genuine Ostrich Leg Leather Watch Strap in Black

The Biatec Majestic 03 fitted to the Highley Ostrich in Black - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine

Here we've gone for a genuine Ostrich Leg strap to add some premium pop to the piece. Carrying our popular Highley leather name, this black ostrich leg strap is just as elegant, sophisticated and well built as the watch it’s fitted to. If you want to keep the watch looking quinntessential dress watch this black option is the one to go for.

Vintage Otley Padded Genuine Leather Watch Strap in Croc Reddish Brown

The Biatec Majestic 03 fitted to the Otley Leather in Reddish Brown - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine

Next we’re staying dressy with the Vintage Otley Padded in Crocodile Reddish Brown. And right away, everything makes sense. The strap is a much more appropriate colour for the watch when compared to the strap the watch came on. The thickness is spot on for the 12.8mm thick case and the crocodile pattern design of the strap adds some much-welcomed texture and depth to this simple watch.

Wax Aspen Vintage Italian Leather Watch Strap in Blue

The Biatec Majestic 03 fitted to the Wax Aspen in Blue - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine [product ids="3423, 4700,5097"]

And finally, the transformation is complete! Here the Wax Aspen in Blue complements the Biatec in a way you might not initially suspect. The strap is much like a lot of our range. A high quality leather with beautifully painted edges and neat precise stitching. However, the straps have a layer of wax on top which as you wear will start to rub off and leave you with a natural looking patina to your strap. If you like unique, out of the ordinary and stylish well you’re looking at it right here.

Is the Biatec Majestic worth it?

The Biatec Majestic 03 fitted to the Wax Aspen in Blue - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine

The Biatec Majestic 03 comes in with a price tag of £1,200. We’re not going to sit here and pretend that’s a small amount of money because for many of us, that’s an amount of money that requires some thought over before saying yes. But just know, after reading this if this watch is what you’re looking for it should be on your shortlist.

The Majestic 03 offers a watch for a target customer that can commonly be overlooked. Not everyone in the market for a dressier watch will want a 37mm re-issue watch. Not everyone will want a 42mm dress watch that is from a very well known brand where they have decided to throw a date window at 3 o’clock to help sell more watches. What about the people who require a watch around the 40mm size, that has a unique appearance, nothing in the way to clutter the dial all powered by fantastic movement? Well, that’s where the Biatec Majestic takes the number 1 spot.

We'd like to thank Biatec for sending this watch in for review, if you'd like to find out more click here.

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