Taking A Look At Chronoswiss Watches

Taking A Look At Chronoswiss Watches

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Tim Vaux


Tim Vaux


The watch brand built on a case design and a love for chronographs...

In the endless sea of watch brands, sometimes you need to do something different to stand out. Many brands have unique production technicals, dial designs, signature hand designs and even patented creations in a bid to stand out. However, back in the 80s Chronoswiss decided to keep things simple and take ownership of a certain style of case design. And it’s this case design that has ensured their watches stand out from the rest, all while developing a dedicated fan base.

In 1982, chronograph enthusiast and watchmaker Mr Gerd-Rüdiger Lang created Chronoswiss and with it, introduced the first watch to use a display caseback. A feature on watches that many of us take for granted. Despite the wide adoption of battery-powered watches, Lang wasn’t discouraged by the rise of modern technology and doubled down on quality mechanical timepieces. Fast forward a few years to 1987 and the Régulateur was introduced. The first of its kind on a serial production level which sat in their instantly recognisable case design.

From dress watches to sports watches, the coin edge bezel, onion crown, display caseback and long screw lugs feature on every watch that leaves the Chronoswiss production line. These instantly recognisable cases stand out from across the room for all the right reasons. But this an extremely traditional looking case design so you might expect classic, clean dial designs to only suit the case right? Well, Chronoswiss has always challenged this assumption you might expect from them which has resulted in some uber oxymoron watches...

“…All the watches you see here I made first for me, not for you. I am a watchmaker, not a manager, and this is my toy. I make it for me and when it is good, I make more.” - Mr Gerd-Rüdiger Lang, creator of Chronoswiss Watches.

Modern-day Chronoswiss

Chronoswiss nowadays continue to push the boundaries of possibility and expectations. Their rather traditional-looking case design remains of course, but the brand has experimented with PVD coating, CVD coating, various gold options and bold dials to ensure their watches continue to impress. And they do exactly that. Let’s take a deeper look at some of these truly unique watches…

The Chronoswiss Regulator Classic

Although the name may make you think this is a traditional-looking watch, the Regulator Classic is somewhat of a modern interpretation of the Regulator. The brand offers many models in their ‘Heritage’ line up that reflect more accurately early watches from the brand whereas this example is what you would expect from a model that has gone through a few decades of evolution. It’s adapted with the times and the result is a sleek, striking piece.

The first thing that hits you with this watch is the unmistakable quality. This is only enhanced further due to the solid metal strap the watch is fitted on. This bracelet is a great fit for the watch as the design of the case is continued and extended throughout. The dial is of course equally eye-catching with dramatic angles and sharp looks. It’s adopted an almost panda-like aesthetic with a Galvanic grey in a matt finish as the base. Somehow this traditional horological dial configuration has translated surprisingly well into a more sporty look.


Reference: CH-8773-GRBK
Case width: 41mm (also available in 37mm)
Thickness: 12.7mm
Movement: Automatic Caliber C. 295
Functions: Hours, minutes and seconds
Power reserve: 42 hours
Case: Stainless Steel
Dial: Galvanic grey with matte finish
Strap: Metal bracelet
Price: £4,200
Availability: Now

Click here to find out more.

The Chronoswiss Open Gear ReSec

Next up we have something really wild. The Open Gear ReSec is a limited edition run of just 50 watches with depth and a serious pop of colour. This automatic regulator takes on a completely unique aesthetic as the case that was once traditionally classic and elegant now gets a DLC black look. An added sense of drama with just a simple case colour change. Speaking of drama, that dial. This 3-dimensional dial is a 42 piece construction cleverly uses intricate guilloche (finished by hand), height and an eye-catching pop of lime green to make sure this watch jumps out at you. We also see a 30 second retrograde counter at the 6 o’clock position which is easily one of the coolest more simple complications available on a watch.


Reference: CH-6925-BKGRE
Case width: 44mm
Thickness: 13.3mm
Movement: Automatic Caliber C.301
Functions: Hours, minutes and retrograde seconds
Power reserve: 42 hours
Case: Stainless steel with black DLC-coating
Dial: Black guilloche with lime green accents
Strap: Black crocodile leather
Price: £8,750
Availability: Now

Check out this incredible watch in more detail here.

The Chronoswiss Flying Regulator Night and Day

And last but by certainly no means least is this. First impressions may leave you thinking this is quite a simple watch from Chronoswiss. However, both visually and mechanically there is a lot going on here. This 41mm watch has everything we’ve now become accustomed to from Chronoswiss with the added benefit of a day/night indicator at the 9 o'clock position. This example we have with us today is relatively understated for the brand, with the strongest visual features coming in the form of heat blueing of the hands and screws. Other variations of this watch include rose gold cases, guilloche dials and vibrant blues.


Reference: CH-8763-SISI
Case width: 41mm
Thickness: 13.8mm
Movement: Automatic Caliber C.296
Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds, date and day/night display
Power reserve: 42 hours
Case: Stainless steel
Dial: Silver
Strap: Black alligator leather
Price: £6,150
Availability: Now

Find out more here.

Final thoughts

Chronoswiss are a brand for those who crave the unexpected and unconventional. With defining and reputable features, Chronoswiss has been able to not just make their watches stand out but also make them seen, heard and remembered. Their commitment to a definitive brand image has resulted in a loyal fan base and an appealing ability to play around with fun finishes and colours. It’s hard to not be interested in what Chronoswiss is up to.

We'd like to thank Veritime for showing us these fantastic watches. Interested in finding out more and seeing the full Chronoswiss range? Click here!

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