Sinn Watches Latest Releases for 2020

Sinn Watches Latest Releases for 2020

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The latest releases from Sinn look to increase their appeal to smaller wrist sizes...

German watchmakers Sinn have come out with three new watches this week, although in truth these are more like variations on themes we have seen already than brand new releases. It’s a nice variety of watches that we’re seeing from Sinn though: a new dive watch, then a dress watch, then a pilot’s watch. All three are great watches rooted very much in the real world: timepieces that we can definitely imagine owning ourselves.

The Sinn U50

The Sinn U50 - Image Credit: Sinn

The U50 gets its name from the fact that it’s 500 metres water-resistant (the company’s U1 is water-resistant to 1000 metres, whereas the U2 is water-resistant down to 2000 metres). But despite the clear family resemblance to its ancestors, it’s somewhat different at only 41mm wide (as opposed to 44mm) making it much more wearable under a wider variety of circumstances. The case is made from German submarine-grade steel, which Sinn says offers the ultimate in resistance to seawater. And who are we to argue?

There are three versions of this watch, with different coloured bezels and straps (including a metal bracelet as well as a rubber strap). They all share the mechanical SW300-1 movement.

Case: 41mm German submarine steel, bead-blasted
Strap: Submarine steel (U50, U50SDR), red rubber (U50S)
Dial: Matt black dial, luminous hands and indices
Price: From €1,990

The U50 introduces a more user-friendly size to Sinn’s dive watch range and makes an excellent introduction to the company. With a two-year warranty, it’s both durable and handsome, looking great on the wrist. We can see this selling well.

The Sinn 1739 St

The Sinn 1739 St - Image Credit: Sinn

Like the U50, this is a smaller size of a watch whose basic design we’ve seen before from Sinn, three years ago. All three variants of this latest watch – in brown, black, and grey – are in a 39mm size with a polished stainless steel case, but this time it’s an elegant dress watch we’re talking about, with a slight nod to the 1970s. The details are as well-crafted as you’d expect, with appliqués and gold plated hands.

The most interesting example is undoubtedly the ‘Heimat’ version, which is a tribute to Sinn’s home city of Frankfurt. It contains an intricate diamond pattern reminiscent not only of Frankfurt’s city shield but also of the glasses used to serve the local cider. In all three models, you can see the mechanical SW300-1 movement through the case back.

Case: 39mm polished stainless steel
Dial: silver electroplated dial with sunburst decoration
Price: €1,890

The Sinn 1739 St - Image Credit: Sinn

An elegant dress watch presented in three very different variations. The one that stands out is the Heimat, with the rhodium-coated relief dial injecting some real personality into what's otherwise a fairly classical range.

The Sinn 556

The Sinn 556 - Image Credit: Sinn

This has all the hallmarks of what we expect to see from Sinn: a clear dial with striking form, in the finest traditions of aviation and navigation. We see two versions here, one featuring plain indices and one in numerals, with a distinctive red second hand. It’s a clean, uncluttered design that stands out.

Both versions are pressure resistant to 20 bar, with a stainless steel case in 38.5 mm size and a date display. The movement inside is Sinn’s SW200-1, which can be viewed through the crystal case back.

Case: 38.5 mm sanitised stainless steel
Strap: Stainless steel bracelet
Dial: Glossy black dial
Price: From €960

Again, these are two classical watches within the genre, which don't reinvent the wheel yet provide an attractive evolution of what has come before. The global trend seems to be towards smaller watches generally, and what we’ve seen from Sinn reflects that.

To find out more about the Sinn releases, be sure to head over to their website here.

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