Strap Showcase: Omega Speedmaster Straps Suggestions

Strap Showcase: Omega Speedmaster Straps Suggestions

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Strap Showcase

Tim Vaux





Strap Showcase

Another popular watch, another strap showcase! This time the beloved Speedmaster...

Continuing our celebration of the Omega watches and the Speedmaster Professional at 50 we’ve now turned our attention to watch straps for the old Speedy. This article comes in at a good time actually. The 21st of July, the exact anniversary of the moon landing was only a couple of months ago, along with a huge selection of new straps to hit the site.

Fortunately for us, lots of these new additions work really well on the Speedmaster with some surprisingly good looks.

The Omega Speedmaster - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine 

Before we jump straight in, a few key features of the watch to go over.

Firstly, the 42mm wide case on the Speedmaster combined with its 20mm lug width will mean straps with heavy tapers are probably best to stay away from.

The watch is very monotone with just black, white and grey tones making appearances on the piece. This means it’ll be nice and easy to play around with options. And of course, the watches functionality as a chronograph can dictate strap options also, with perforated leathers and sporty options being good go-to choices.

Dartford Genuine Leather Racing Watch Strap - Dark Grey

The Omega Speedmaster fitted to the Dartford Racing Leather in Grey - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine

To kick the straps off, we have a good old perforated leather. However, we’ve avoided going for the traditional, safe brown leather strap option by picking a sporty grey. This is a versatile colour for many reasons. Firstly, grey is a little softer than black on the wrist which means it compliments a wider range of colours you may be wearing for the rest of your outfit more easily.

The dial on the Speedy looks almost grey in some light which clearly matches this strap option. And the supple aspect of this strap means it's comfortable right away, which for people who wear a Speedmaster every day (Our very own Matt spoke about this here) then the feature stands out even more than normal.

Flyboard Leather/Rubber Water Resistant Watch Strap

The Omega Speedmaster fitted to the Flyboard Leather / Rubber Strap in White - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine

This is easily one of my favourite new straps to be added to our range, and it’s not something I would normally lean towards. I’ll be honest, when the strap arrived at the office I didn’t fall in love with the Flyboard straight away. However, when it's fitted to a watch this strap comes to life. It can really transform watchmaking it looks so unique. Case in point, the Omega Speedmaster. The white option clearly continues the white details on the dial and hands with the black rubber edge of the strap matches the tachymeter.

The end result is an amazingly authentic look. A great way to pay homage to spacesuits worn by the Apollo 11 team.

(On a separate note, and I’m being biased here as it’s my watch, but it looks pretty cool on the Submariner as well).

Race Water Resistant Microfibre Watch Strap - Black / White

The Omega Speedmaster fitted to the Race Water Resistant Microfibre Strap in Black / White - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine

Continuing with the black and white theme we now have an inverse of the Flyboard. The Race microfibre strap in black with white stitching is a more subtle reference to the simple tones of the Speedmaster. The strap in black means it’s a little more versatile than the Flyboard and the padding around the top of the strap gives it more depth on the wrist.

Oh, and if you turn the strap over you’re met with a complete white lining to just give it that pop.

Geckota Simple Handmade Short Quick Release Watch Strap

The Omega Speedmaster fitted to the Simple Handmade Short Quick Release in Light Brown - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine

Now, right away you may think this is just a standard Simple Handmade leather strap, one we’ve had in our range for years and one we have talked about quite a bit here on the Online Mag. However, this one is actually apart of our new Simple Handmade short range. Our standard version of this strap comes in at 120mm / 80mm however this new range is 115mm / 75mm.

This may not sound like much, but it will mean if our standard strap is a little too large, you now have a go-to option that will fit more comfortably. Here the light brown version of the strap gives a great rustic look with the nice variation in leather. This strap also comes with quick release spring bars, so the full package for anyone with the Speedmaster.

Geckota Derain Handmade Remborde Watch Strap - Brown

The Omega Speedmaster fitted to the Derain Handmade in Brown - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine 

Now it’s time for a more traditional looking leather strap which many have come to expect. However, subtle differences really make the Derain watch strap stand out from the crowd. Firstly, the strap combines double stitching around the lugs with continuous down the length of the strap, a sort of best of both worlds. We also see padding around the top half of the strap, however, it isn’t overly padded meaning the strap is great on slightly thicker watches.

And finally the lining. Soft suede-like material on the underside results in an incredibly comfortable strap on the wrist.

ZULUDIVER Iridescent Herringbone Watch Strap - Grey

The Omega Speedmaster fitted to the ZULUDIVER Iridescent Herringbone in Grey - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine

Finally, we thought we’d throw in a military style strap to change the look on the Speedy. Military style straps are probably the quickest and easiest way of giving your Speedmaster a more unique look. Here the classic and ever-popular Iridescent Herringbone in Grey is very reminiscent of the surface of the moon, naturally, it looks great on moon watch.


If you’re looking to check out the Speedmaster in more detail, be sure to read the full review.

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