New WatchGecko Author - Meet Charlotte Harris

New WatchGecko Author - Meet Charlotte Harris

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The WatchGecko Magazine Team
The WatchGecko Magazine Team

We are always excited to introduce new authors to the WatchGecko Magazine. Welcome Charlotte Harris!

Writing, walking and wearing watches: you can expect Charlotte to be doing one of these three things at all times.

Charlotte’s obsession with the latter first began nearly eight years ago, shortly after she completed her Bachelor’s degree in English at Sheffield Hallam. Looking to get creative, she started writing for a local jeweller, getting hands-on with beautiful watches and jewellery for the first time. As it happens with so many of us, the “bite” from the luxury watch bug took hold quickly and unexpectedly, and before she knew it, she was obsessed with all things watches.

Her first real taste of the action was at Baselworld 2016. Wearing a 30mm, gold-plated Junghans Damen on her wrist, she took in all the luxury watch event had to offer. She began to truly appreciate the mastery behind watchmaking and learned rather quickly that there were plenty more “watch nerds” out there just like her. This event was a huge turning point for Charlotte’s new obsession, and it was from this moment that her watch wish-list began to grow. It happened to be the same year Bremont unveiled their first ever lady’s watch, the Bremont Solo, which still remains first place on Charlotte’s said wish list.

2023 Bremont Ladies Solo K Fawn - Credit Bremont

Charlotte continues to review watches on several platforms across the internet, sharing her insights on the ever-changing trends – no matter the good, the bad or the ugly. She hopes that in a male-dominated industry, she can serve up a different perspective on watches and the watch space at large. She’s equally as happy wearing and playing around with men’s watches as she is designs tailored for women. She believes that as long as it’s beautiful and well-made, any watch can be worn on any wrist.

When she’s not writing about watches, Charlotte is likely to be writing about something else, whether it be marketing copy, travel blogs or poetry. She’s also a keen traveller with a particular love of Tuscany, Italy. The amazing food and beautiful language calls to her at least once a year. Charlotte also enjoys walking the countryside near her home in Sheffield with her “ginger bear”, aka Milo the Golden Retriever. She also classes herself as a “nerd hidden in plain sight”, secretly obsessing over video games, Star Wars, Dungeons & Dragons – and of course watches.

Darth Vader with lightsabre

If you want to know what watch Darth Vader wore, click here to see our video review of the amazing Omega Anakin Skywalker - Credit WG Shutterstock account 

In her own words; “I’m super excited to be joining the WatchGecko Magazine as a guest contributor! I love a dainty, diamond-decorated watch just as much as the next girl (my Seiko Presage Cocktail Time Diamond Twist has barely left my wrist since I got it), but don’t be fooled, I’m just as infatuated by men’s timepieces as women’s.

I have a soft spot for integrated sports watches as well as pretty much anything vintage-inspired and cushion-shaped. Most of the watches on my wish-list are also those beautifully minimalistic, Bauhaus-inspired masterpieces made in Germany. I’m looking forward to reviewing all of the above and more for the WatchGecko Magazine soon!

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