Introducing The New Yema LED Silver and Gold

Introducing The New Yema LED Silver and Gold

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A huge amount of fun for not a lot of money…

In the 1970s YEMA launched its first LED display watch. Like many brands at the time, these releases coincided with the development of the quartz battery, something that crippled the previously mechanically dominated industry. Some brands resisted this new technology, but many (like Yema) embraced it for it was seen as the future of horology.

The rest as they say is history. Recently we’ve seen the appreciation for all things vintage move from not just mechanical beauties, but also retro, 70s styles quartz watch - specifically ones with LED displays. The Yema LED reissue perfectly captures that 1970's retro-futuristic style while being functional and stylish again (if you were doubted the cycle of fashion this watch will clear things up for you). The LED from Yema remains in standby mode when wearing the watch however a push of a button brings up the digitally displayed time before it disappears again leaving a sleek super modern-looking device strapped to your wrist.

Now available in either a steel coloured case or a gold one shipping right away on the Yema site.

Statistics of the Yema LEDs:

Case width: 37.5mm
Thickness: 10.5mm
Movement: Proprietary LED-Quartz movement
Functions: hours, minutes and seconds
Case: 316L Stainless steel
Water-resistance: 10 BAR/ 100m
Dial: Red LED display
Strap: Steel straight link design

Price: €279.
Availability: non-limited, available now via

First impressions

This release from Yema really put a smile on my face this morning. In a world where everyone is desperate to make the next hot product that stacks up against the competition and value for money is always in people’s mind, Yema has taken a step back from all this to just create something downright fun. Last year we saw Hamilton and Bulova release similar LED watches so this next addition certainly shows the appreciation for 70s vintage is here. They perfectly reflect what designers of the time saw as ‘modern’ and still in 2020, they will be a brilliant conversation piece.

This watch isn’t trying to take itself too seriously fully embracing the funky style and wild mindsets of people in the 70s. My advice? Stick one of these on your Christmas list. It is hard buying watches as presents for people as personal taste plays a huge part, but these new LED watches from Yema put too much of a smile on the face to be ignored.

Click here to find out more about the Yema LED.

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