Geckota G-01 March Offer!

Geckota G-01 March Offer!

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Find out more about our unmissable G-01 March offer here...

One of the huge benefits of buying and owning replacement watch straps is the seemingly endless combinations you can put together along with how different a watch can look with just a simple watch strap change. After constantly changing straps on our new Geckota G-01 1950's Diver, we found many combinations which worked perfectly. Along with the standard strap, there was a handful of our favourite combos which we want to share with you.

After much debate here in the office, we all decided on a staff favourite strap for each G-01 dial option and came to the conclusion we needed to offer these to our customers as soon as possible!

Starting March 2018, we will be offering each Geckota G-01 fitted on a strap specifically chosen by the WG Team, with all orders being shipped right away!

Please note this offer is only available for the month of March, once its gone, it's gone!

(The watch will still be available on pre-order with an estimated shipping date being end of April 2018.)

The G-01 V01 March Special

Picked by the Creative Team, the G-01 V01 has a completely different look to the standard offering with a brand new Italian handmade Grey suede strap fitted. This combination really makes the G-01 a lot more of a casual looking watch, with the soft Grey suede playing with that Teal Blue dial perfectly.

The Grey Suede Handmade combines a top side of suede leather with the bottom of the strap featuring an Italian calf leather. Much like the rest of our handmade leather straps range, this Grey Suede strap only gets better with age and the more you wear it.

Available here!

The G-01 V02 March Special

This option was picked by the Order Processing Team and its a real winner. For this dial option we decided to go for our Textured Handmade Leather strap in a Light Brown colour. We found the way the Light Brown compliments the gold coloured details on the dial and crown is a huge plus for this combo. You'll find once you strap the G-01 and this strap to your wrist that the variation in leather and darker brown areas of the strap really play well into the vintage aesthetic of the watch.

Our Handmade straps are made entirely out of natural leather, this means that your Geckota strap will be one-of-a-kind as the pattern in the leather varies with each individual strap.

The March special offer is now available here!

The G-01 V03 March Special

Finally, this classic combo was the choice of the Management Team here at WatchGecko. We found because of the vibrancy and deep red finish to the dial that a simple yet effective strap was the perfect way to compliment the V03. Much like the V02's strap choice, this Light Brown colour just picks up the gold coloured details on the G-01 effortlessly making for a combo perfect for nearly every occasion. It's not just the Light Brown colour of the strap that matches this watch, as the ivory coloured stitching picks up on the SuperLuminova BGW9 found on the hands and indices.

These handmade straps include new solid stainless steel buckles and sealed strap edge for durability. We are confident that these straps are high quality and up to our standards, that's why we've stamped them with "Geckota" for our seal of approval.

Buy your new G-01 V03 here!

The Geckota G-01 Success

The Geckota G-01 has only been available for pre-order for a few months now, however in just this short time, the G-01 has become one of our best performing watches to be added to our range which is very exciting for us here at WatchGecko.

The new G-01 Range shows a different side to the Geckota range with a more unique, individual design taking inspiration from ‘space age’ type buildings and architecture. The G-01 received some incredibly positive feedback when we posted our first images and posts online with many people enjoying the new look. As a team, we were all extremely pleased to see once the watches were many available for pre-order, all of those encouraging comments soon turned into happy customers pre-ordering the G-01.

View the full G-01 Range here!

Seiko Alpinist Alternative?

The recent news of the Seiko SARB line of watches being discontinued seemed to come as quite a shock. The SARB033 is a favourite of mine, and it's fair to say I'm not the only one who shares this thought. Another one of the most popular models in the SARB line was The Seiko SARB017 Alpinist. The demand for these watches has shot up since the announcement and we've found many customers contacting us regarding the SARB017.

We recently had the opportunity to get our hands on the SARB017 here at WatchGecko and once we had the watch in front of us with many other watches, something stood out to us rather quickly. After handling and comparing both the G-01 and SARB017, we came to the agreement that the Geckota G-01 V02 shared a similar aesthetic with the SARB017 with many people saying it would be a great alternative to the recent discontinued model.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on this as here at WatchGecko we're all about listening to our customers, let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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