A Letter Of Thanks From Our Founder...

A Letter Of Thanks From Our Founder...

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Jon Quinn


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Jon Quinn


Industry News

We wanted to give back and truly say, thank you.

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to check in to let you know a little more from me regarding COVID-19 and how it is affecting us. (You may have seen our coronavirus article, we have been updating as much as possible for you all which is here, this is still the best place for regular updates from us, as well as social media of course).

There are around 20 members of the WatchGecko team. Everything you see on the site is done in house where possible, with only the physical creation of the watches being handled externally. Everything happens under one roof. This naturally means the latest epidemic has had effects on the office with many working from home.

However, during this challenging climate currently affecting the whole world, we want to extend our thanks to those who have supported everything we do here at WatchGecko. Now more than ever, your continued support during these difficult times for us all means everything.

Our words of thanks can only say so much, so we wanted to bring you something tangible to truly say thank you. We appreciate that there are far more important things going on in the world right now than watches and watch straps but the support from our customer base continues to be present; which is incredible.

To make those endless days at home a little easier we’ve now discounted certain Geckota watches by up to 50% off. For those models that are not on sale, we’d love to bring to your attention to our discount code ‘watchgecko10’ so you can still save some money and get that new watch you’ve been thinking about. It’s worth noting this code works across the whole site.

The Geckota P-02 Chronograph available here! - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine [product ids="4554,5574,4448"]

If there is a model you’ve always wanted from the Geckota line up, now is the time to get it. Click here to check out our watches!

Oh, and there is more…

Apart from the improved pricing on Geckota watches we’ve also introduced the following new policies:

  1. Let us help you right now! - We’ve added a live chat feature to the WatchGecko site in the past few days to ensure we’re always here for you. If you have any questions (big or small) click the chat button bottom right of your screen and we will be right with you. Come and say hello!*
  2. Worry-free shopping - Every order now has a 90-day window for returns if it’s not quite right. Don’t worry the return process is incredibly simple.
  3. The quickest, most reliable shipping possible - To ensure your watch arrives on your wrist efficiently and reliably, all watch orders will now automatically be shipped by courier.

We love creating, talking about and capturing watches online which is why now is more important than ever for us to show our appreciation for everything our loyal customer base has given us (that’s you, so thank you.)

We’d also like to thank and extend further praise to our friends at all of the courier services we use during the current epidemic. These companies and the people behind them are working tirelessly to ensure watches arrive with you safely and for that we thank them.

Once again thank you all - we hope you enjoy your new watches as much as we enjoy creating them.

Jon Quinn - Founder and Managing Director

*please note that the live chat is only manned during UK working hours. Monday - Friday 9 til 5pm.

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I’m Jonathan Quinn, founder and owner of WatchGecko. What excites me is what excited me when I started the business – offering affordable, high-quality watches and straps that I couldn’t find elsewhere and seeing the pleasure they give our customers around the world.

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