WatchGecko YouTube and Podcast - May 2023 Highlights

WatchGecko YouTube and Podcast - May 2023 Highlights

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Every month we add new content to the WatchGecko YouTube Channel and our Time to Unwind podcast. Here are our highlights from May 2023 which is packed with great content.

Podcast - Casio G-Shock 40th Anniversary watches

Join the conversation as two of the WatchGecko authors, George and Richard, discuss in detail the highs and lows of the much anticipated Casio 40th Anniversary G-Shocks. Did these special editions hit the mark or were they ultimately disappointing? 

Are watches getting unreasonably expensive? 

Anthony and Richard cannot hold back any longer and finally vent regarding the excessive prices of some watches. Based on viewer comments it seems that most of you agree with us. 

Dr Rebecca Struthers interview - how to keep you watch running forever!

In a fascinating interview we chat to Dr. Rebecca Struthers about her high end horology business and the history of time itself. Rebecca became the first watchmaker in British history to earn a PhD in horology and gives us a valuable insight into modern movements and how to keep your watch movement in great condition.

Owners review - Titanium Omega Seamaster 300 - and Omega's big mistake.

As part of a regular series we look in detail at what many consider to be the best looking Seamaster of all time. Its the watch James Bond should have worn but it has one big flaw! An honest owners review. 

Grand Seiko - thoughts after our visit to their flagship London boutique

The WatchGecko Team visited the London boutique and in this video we summarise our thoughts on the new models and the impact of this tier 1 brand.

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The WatchGecko Magazine Team

About the Author: The WatchGecko Magazine Team

About the Author: The WatchGecko Magazine Team

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