Strap Showcase: Watch Straps For The Baltic Aquascaphe Diver

Strap Showcase: Watch Straps For The Baltic Aquascaphe Diver

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Your one-stop-shop for advice on picking your next watch strap for the Baltic Aquascaphe...

We’re back with another installment of our ongoing strap showcase features and this time we have the Baltic Aquascaphe Diver. Earlier this year we took a deep dive into this modern watch with a deceivingly traditional appearance. It certainly impressed and after the three straps we presented the watch on for the review, we knew that we had to show it on some more.

Before we get into the straps there are a few things to consider when picking watch straps for the Baltic Aquascaphe Diver.

  1. The watch has a 20mm lug width so there is plenty of choice
  2. With its traditional textbook diver aesthetic, classic watch straps are going to excel on the Aquascaphe to bring out the vintage-inspired design
  3. The use of Blue is on both the bezel and dial so we can either look to enhance that and bring attention to it, or complement it and tone it down.

Okay now that is clear, let's go for it.

Dedworth Distresso Cowhide Quick Release Watch Strap


The Baltic Aquascaphe on the Dedworth Distresso Leather - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine

First, we have the Dedworth Distresso Leather in Distressed Brown. This strap is a brilliant option to go for if you want to play on the skin diver design inspiration of the Baltic Aquascaphe. The distressed look of the strap is just what the Baltic needs, something that looks authentic and old school but in reality is actually a modern reliable choice. With a generous 4mm taper down to the buckle and a maximum thickness of 3mm, the strap has excellent proportions which match the reduced size and vintage styling of the Baltic. Throw in some quick release spring bars as well and you’re left with a brilliant strap choice to really want to make an impact.

Four Oaks Vintage Quick Release Watch Strap


The Baltic Aquascaphe on the Four Oaks Vintage Leather Strap - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine

Next is the Four Oaks Leather in Reddish Brown. This combination is more of a clean choice when compared to the almost rustic looking Dedworth. The tone of this brown is the main winning feature here as it perfectly pops next to the sunburst dial of the Baltic Aquascaphe. Simplicity is the name of the game as there is just some clean straight stitching across the top of the strap which boxes off the watch nicely.

ZULUDIVER Classic Bond Herringbone Watch Strap


The Baltic Aquascaphe on the Classic Bond Herringbone  - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine

Next, we have a newer option for the website and it is the Classic Bond Herringbone. This new strap combines black, grey and a beige colour to provide a modern up to date version of the well-loved Classic Bond.

Although traditionally designed to suit black dials, thanks to the versatility of the blue dial this is a cracking option for the Baltic. Here’s how (and why) it works. To start with grey and blue are timeless colour combinations together, the beige in the strap picks up on the faux vintage lume and the black on the edge matches the shifting sunburst colour of the watch dial. A unique, different option.

ZULUDIVER Marazion Mesh Weave Nylon Watch Strap


The Baltic Aquascaphe on the Marazion Mesh Weave  - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine

Speaking of picking up colours in the dial, next we have the Marazion Mesh Weave Nylon in Beige. If you really want to pick up on the vintage lume coloured and brighten up the Baltic then this is a stand out option. The weave design on this military style strap is also similar to the metal link look of the beads of rice bracelet so in a way this strap combination is a bit of a home from home for the Baltic.

ZULUDIVER Quick Release Sailcloth Padded Divers Watch Strap


The Baltic Aquascaphe on the Quick Release Sailcloth Padded - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine

We can’t talk about a timepiece with both looks and features rooted in practical purposes and not mention the Sailcloth Padded. Think of this as a rubber strap in terms of durability and useability but with a toned-down versatile look of a leather strap. Here the beige stitching is the choice to go for as it yet again picks up on the vintage coloured lume. A standout option if you find yourself keen to really test the capabilities of the Baltic.

Dawlish Italian Calf Leather Watch Strap


The Baltic Aquascaphe on the Dawlish Italian Calf Leather - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine

And last but not least we’re going full circle and ending on a leather strap in the shape of the Dawlish Italian Calf Leather. This option combines a little bit of everything we’ve just spoken about in the other choices. You get a natural look thanks to the Italian calf pull up texture, a matching option thanks to the blue choice, contrasting beige stitching to pick up on the vintage lume colour and a watch strap that is made is a high standard. With slight padding throughout this is one of the most comfortable combinations you could wear daily on the Baltic.

Let us know your favourite combinations in the comments below, and be sure to suggest the next watch for us to include in the strap showcase series. To find out more about the Baltic Aquascaphe Diver Blue Gilt head over to our full review here. Click here to learn more about Baltic Watches.

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