What types of leather watch strap are there?

What types of leather watch strap are there?




What is pull-up, oiled/waxed pull up, full-aniline, semi-aniline, pigmented, rub off and bi-cast leather?


  • Is a natural leather that will lighten in colour when stretched. A "Pull-Up" leather would typically have a very natural "lived in" look with natural grain patterns and visible markings. It can be quite difficult to maintain and can become distressed easily with potential colour transfer problems.

Oil/Waxed Pull-Up

  • Similar to usual pull-up leather it lightens when stretched, and has either an oil or wax coating.


  • This type of leather has been dyed by immersion and has not received any coating of pigmented finish. This is a natural or dyed leather finished by application of a coherent surface coating which is clear or coloured with dye. This makes the leather look good.


  • It has the base coat containing a finish but later coats contain only dye, or contrasting pigment. This is to give a two-tone appearance, designed to imitate aniline leather.


  • The surface of a pigmented leather has had coloured particles applied to it along with a binder. This is the most common type of leather.

Rub Off

  • This is a pigmented leather with a rub off finish. There are two colours visible in rub off leathers, a base colour (a bright colour) and a top colour (a darker colour). The way in which these leathers are made allows the base colour to show through the dark top colour creating an antique look.


  • This is either a "finished split" or "coated leather" which has had a polyurethane film bonded to the surface.

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