Time To Unwind Podcast #23 - We’ve Got A New Recruit!

Time To Unwind Podcast #23 - We’ve Got A New Recruit!

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Anthony Peacock



Anthony Peacock



Come and say hello to our newest team member and talk straps with us...

Using chloroform, rope, and a Transit van we’ve managed to find a new recruit not only to our podcast but to our whole company. Say hello to James (“hello James”) because you’ll be hearing a lot more from him in future. He’s going to become our resident watch (and Star Trek) nerd and he’s got two cats and a snake at home. Other fascinating things we learned this week was that Tim got a Blue Peter badge when he was younger and that Ben’s middle name is James. Luckily we talk a bit about watches too: particularly some of the straps and other accessories that you can get for them.

Sit back and enjoy!

Show Notes:

James’s blog (plug, plug)

Accutron is back!

TAG Heuer Carrera Sport Chronograph

The new Montreal

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Day-Date Desert

Devils Hole Pupfish

A very Ben choice for watch of the week

A cool Instagram account to follow

The Last Wave

Another great Insta to follow

How to change a watch strap

Check out some of our straps

Watch Straps for a Submariner

An alternative look for the Submariner. Thoughts?

Military style straps: some history…

Louis Vuitton watch case

Into watch winders? Fill your boots right here

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