Three New Motorsport Watches Launched from Bremont

Three New Motorsport Watches Launched from Bremont

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Bremont has long been associated with the world of aviation, but the British watch company has also made quite a name for itself in cars, following the path pioneered by Heuer (whose famous Autavia watch was named as a combination of ‘automotive’ and ‘aviation’).

Since 2021, Bremont has been a sponsor of the Williams team in Formula 1, which this year has a driver line-up of Britain’s Alex Albon (originally from Thailand) and American Logan Sergeant.

Bremont Williams WR-45Bremont William's WR-45 - Credit Bremont

Although the real glory days of Williams are now history, there have been some surprising results so far in 2023 – with the latest car showing itself capable of qualifying and racing in the top 10 on occasions. To build on this partnership, Bremont recently launched the WR-45 chronograph, which comes complete with a wheel nut from a historic Williams racing car.

Bremont William's WR-45Bremont Williams WR-45 - Credit Bremont

This limited edition of just 244 pieces commemorates the number of races where the team has had at least one car on the podium. The 43mm DLC chronograph gets an extra racing look to it thanks to a strap made out of Alcantara, which is often used on steering wheels. Turn it over, and the rotor on the back looks exactly like a Williams Formula 1 wheel: one of the most appealing aspects of the watch. It’s priced at £5795.00 and blends classic racing chrono design with a contemporary twist. Look carefully, and you might even spot some members of the Williams team wearing it at grand prix races around the world.

The next new racing watch from Bremont has a distinctly more classical inspiration: the gorgeous Jaguar C type that raced during the heyday of Le Mans. This watch pays tribute to the 1953 race exactly 70 years ago, where the Jaguars finished first and second – during the year in which Queen Elizabeth II was crowned.

Bremont Jaguar C-TypeBremont Jaguar C-Type - Credit Bremont

The brushed stainless steel case recalls the aluminium body of the C type, while the caseback is once more one of the stars of the show, featuring a beautiful recreation of the Jaguar badge that adorned the nose of those classic 1950s racers, in gold and white.

It’s a classic bicompax chronograph that draws inspiration from the cutting-edge race car designed by Malcolm Sawyer, which set new standards of technology and aerodynamics.

Bremont Jaguar C-TypeBremont Jaguar C-Type - Credit Bremont

This watch wears a more conventional leather rally strap, and at £5695, is fractionally cheaper than the three-dial WR-45 watch. It’s not a limited edition, but each watch will be hand-built to order, as part of a long tradition of Bremont Jaguar watches.

Finally, Bremont also salutes one of their brand ambassadors on two wheels: Peter Hickman. For those who don’t know him, he’s an Isle of Man TT motorbike rider, and that makes him close to clinically insane, having set a world record by lapping the island circuit at a stomach-churning average speed of 135mph.

Bremont Isle of Man TTBremont Isle of Man TT - Credit Bremont

Bremont’s Isle of Man TT watch is suitably out there, one of the reasons why it’s limited to just 67 pieces – the number of sections on the famous course – at a retail price of £5495. The white watch face is inspired by the speedometer on a high-performance motorbike, while the black rubber strap is also reminiscent of a motorbike tyre.

Bremont Isle of Man Bremont Isle of Man TT - Credit WatchGecko

Like the other watches, there’s a long and coherent history between Bremont and the TT, with the company being the iconic race’s official timing partner.

The new TT watch is in fact a chronograph similar to the Jaguar piece, but with an extremely different look to it, complete with TT logo on the actual dial. On the back, there’s a map of the island circuit.

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