Season 2, Ep #9: Tool Watches (Part Two)

Season 2, Ep #9: Tool Watches (Part Two)

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Guy Parker



Guy Parker



Jungles, ugly sticks and hammers – oh, and the best tool watches under £5k

In the follow-on to Part One of our tool watch special, we ask, ‘what makes a modern tool watch?’ and discuss how it differs to the tool watches of the past.

The guys also give their top choices for tool watches under £5000 and pick a wild card ‘no holds barred’ option for those with an unlimited budget’.

Sit back and enjoy!

Richard reveals the watch that has been his trusty companion in some truly unforgiving environments, from the desserts of the Kalahari to the jungles of Trindad and Tobago. Plus he selects the watch that he’d choose to cross the dessert with now. We think you’ll be surprised by his choices!

Antony throws down the gauntlet to his co-hosts as he sets them a challenge to find him a G-shock he actually likes and can take with him when he secures a job at the North Pole.

Meanwhile Tim argues the case for true tool watches to be affordable and maybe not even mechanical at all; in fact, maybe something more akin to a hammer!

Discussion also widens into the realms of Faraday cages vs non-ferrous materials to achieve anti-magnetic watches, and we’re left wondering why more watch brands don’t harness the power of the sun to keep their tool watches ticking.

Finally, can you guess whose heart was in his mouth as he feared for his Rolex at the Science Museum of all places?

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