Geckota Introduces New Unisex Watch Straps Available Now

Geckota Introduces New Unisex Watch Straps Available Now



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These new straps are shorter, thinner and designed for both male and females wrists...

As time has gone on we have received more and more messages regarding straps for women and small wrists in general. We are now proud to announce that the first lot of unisex focused products are finally coming to the WatchGecko store!

Introducing the Bexley Slim Watch Straps

The New Bexley Slim Watch Straps Available Now - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine [product ids="5074,3234,3707"]

These straps are 18mm in width and have a thin profile while being shorter in length than our standard straps. Our standard length for two-piece straps is around 120/80mm, these new models come in around 115/75mm. This means they will fit perfectly on smaller wrists and are recommended to be paired with thin and classic watch styles.

The different type of Bexley Slim currently available

There are two clear types of straps in this new range. The first is the calf leather models available in pink, black and navy. The pink calf strap adds a special touch that hasn't been available before on the WatchGecko store. The second type of straps is the croc-printed calf leather options that work to dress up a watch more.

We have chosen these classic colours as they can easily be matched to dark or light dials and work amazingly on male or female wrists.

Stay tuned to the blog where we will be showing you some more of our unisex strap models which are based on our existing best sellers!

For more information on the above straps check out the listing here!

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About the Author: WatchGecko

About the Author: WatchGecko

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