FORZO partner Glickenhaus Finishes in the Top 10 at Le Mans

FORZO partner Glickenhaus Finishes in the Top 10 at Le Mans

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With the 100th anniversary of the celebrated Le Mans 24-hour race taking place last weekend, the Glickenhaus team – a partner of FORZO – finished with two cars in the top 10.

Forzo GlickenhausFORZO Glickenhaus - Credit FORZO Watches

At the most competitive Le Mans seen in years, with Cadillac, Ferrari, Peugeot, and Porsche all making a comeback – and leading the race at various points – the Glickenhaus 007 LMH Hypercar of Ryan Briscoe, Roman Dumas, and Olivier Pla finished sixth, just ahead of the sister car crewed by Nathanael Berthon, Esteban Gutierrez, and Franck Mailleux in seventh.

After an incredible race of attrition, characterised by rain, sunshine, incidents, and accidents, the American Glickenhaus cars again proved their pace and reliability, surviving the round-the-clock carnage to emerge once more as a true fan favourite.

Forzo EnduratimersFORZO Enduratimer's - Credit FORZO Watches

This combination of performance, style, and dependability is also a hallmark of the watches that FORZO has designed together with Glickenhaus, capturing the spirit of Le Mans. As the only independent American car manufacturer at the world’s most famous endurance race, Glickenhaus enjoys a huge following, thanks also to its regular habit of giant-killing.

In this momentous Le Mans centenary race, the Glickenhaus cars managed to see off some of the factory Cadillac, Peugeot, and Porsche entries – despite operating on just a fraction of their chunky manufacturer budgets.

FORZO Enduratimer FORZO Enduratimer - Credit FORZO Watches

They got there through bravery, skill, and “never giving up, however tough it gets”, according to team boss Jim Glickenhaus, who wears his own FORZO watch every day. At Le Mans, just competing is worth more than winning, and that’s why every Glickenhaus FORZO watch has “enjoy the journey” engraved on the back.

FORZO Mechanical Drive KingFORZO Mechanical Drive King - Credit FORZO Watches

These very special watches, available as Enduratimer chronographs and Drive King automatic models, now celebrate the latest chapter of the remarkable story that Glickenhaus has written in motorsport and continues to do so into the future.

The watches feature the iconic Glickenhaus colours, as well as some unique Le Mans, touches such as a 24-hour timer that tracks the progress of the round-the-clock classic.

FORZO Mechanical Drive King FORZO Mechanical Drive King - Credit FORZO Watches

There are also some gifts thrown in from Glickenhaus to each watch owner, with signed postcards of the car and membership of an exclusive WhatsApp group hosted by Jim Glickenhaus himself.

As an incomparable souvenir of a truly incredible team and event, it doesn’t get any better than owning a very special watch like this one. One thing is sure: the new era of Le Mans promises much in the seasons to come. We’re proud to have played a part in it. To secure your Glickenhaus watch, please visit: 

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