Corbin's Top 5 Ultimate Collection

Corbin's Top 5 Ultimate Collection

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WatchGecko Top Choice Series

Corbin Buff


WatchGecko Top Choice Series

Whether you're a seasoned horologist or just beginning your journey into the fascinating world of timepieces, my curated selection of watches, featuring a Dive, Dress, Racing, GMT, and Pilot, aims to offer something for everyone.

From retro-inspired looks to contemporary designs, this list celebrates the diverse world of watches. These are collection pieces I’d aim to acquire for myself if money was no object. But you’ll also notice that these run the gamut in terms of pricing, with watches from $180 to $3000+.

Without further ado, let’s get into my top collection pieces.

1. Dive: Omega Seamaster Professional Diver 300M Blue Wave

Omega Seamaster Diver 300mOmega Seamaster Diver 300m - Credit WatchGecko

In the pantheon of iconic dive watches, the Omega Seamaster Professional Diver 300M holds a special place for me, especially with its mesmerizing blue wave dial. Embracing its profound oceanic legacy while infusing it with Omega's cutting-edge innovation, this Seamaster stands as a testament to timeless design combined with modern watchmaking. With a substantial water resistance of up to 300 metres, it's more than equipped for the most adventurous diving endeavors. The polished blue ceramic dial, punctuated by laser-engraved waves, doesn't merely offer a visual spectacle; it ensures optimal readability, thanks to the rhodium-plated skeleton hands and raised indexes filled with white Super-LumiNova.

Delving deeper into the Omega Seamaster's attributes, we encounter a meticulously designed blue ceramic bezel complemented by a white enamel diving scale, epitomizing both function and elegance. The watch's helium escape valve, now in a distinctive conical design, underscores Omega's commitment to crafting a professional-level diver. The sapphire-crystal wave-edged caseback reveals the heart of this horological masterpiece—the OMEGA Master Chronometer Calibre 8800. Its myriad features, including anti-magnetism, chronometer certification, and the Master Chronometer Certification, bear witness to its superior performance and precision. The stainless steel case, with its seamless integration into the bracelet, assures that this watch is as much at home on land as it is underwater. Its intricate balance of aesthetic appeal, unmatched reliability, and the storied legacy of Omega's dive watches make this Seamaster an essential addition to both the avid diver's and the discerning collector's arsenal.

2. Dress: Tissot PRX Powermatic 80

Tissot PRX Powermatic 80Tissot PRX Powermatic 80 - Credit Tissot

When it comes to dress watches, a harmonious blend of modernity and tradition often sets the stage. The Tissot PRX Powermatic 80 strikes this balance effortlessly. Drawing inspiration from the iconic designs of the late 20th century, its dial is a testament to timeless style. But the allure of the PRX Powermatic 80 doesn't stop at its visual appeal; at its heart lies the Powermatic 80 movement. Renowned for its 80-hour power reserve, this movement is a testament to Tissot's commitment to both innovation and tradition.

The Tissot PRX Powermatic 80's charm is in its details. The integration of classic design elements with modern watchmaking techniques showcases Tissot's prowess. Its dial, exuding a contemporary aura, plays beautifully with light, making it a versatile piece fit for settings from boardrooms to relaxed brunches. Beyond just aesthetics, the PRX Powermatic 80 is a nod to Tissot's rich history in the watchmaking world, encapsulating their ethos of fusing classic designs with modern innovations.

Crafted meticulously, the watch doesn't just lean on its vintage inspirations; it takes those timeless elements and reimagines them for today's discerning wearer. Its adaptability ensures it fits perfectly in any setting, be it a formal gala or a weekend getaway.

3. Racing: Tissot T-Race Tour de France

Tissot T-Race Tour de FranceTissot T-Race Tour de France - Credit Tissot

Racing watches are all about precision and the Tissot T-Race Tour de France is no exception. As the name suggests, it pays homage to the world-renowned cycling race, combining sporty aesthetics with impeccable functionality. Its design reflects the dynamism of racing, ensuring that you're always in pole position, whether on the racetrack or off it.

Embodying the spirit of the Tour de France, the Tissot T-Race features a vibrant yellow band, reminiscent of the leader's yellow jersey in the iconic race. This splash of color not only pays tribute to the prestigious cycling event but also adds a lively contrast to the watch's overall design. The watch isn't just about aesthetics; its robust build and precise timekeeping mechanisms mirror the precision and endurance required in racing. The intricate sub-dials and tachymeter scale further emphasize its racing pedigree, ensuring that every second counts. With its blend of style and functionality, the Tissot T-Race Tour de France is a testament to Tissot's commitment to crafting timepieces that resonate with the adrenaline and passion of the racing world.

4. GMT: Seiko 5 Sports SKX Sports Style GMT Orange

Seiko 5 Sports SKX Sports Style GMT OrangeSeiko 5 Sports SKX Sports Style GMT Orange - Credit Seiko

For the intrepid traveler, having a reliable GMT watch is crucial. The Seiko 5 Sports SKX Sports Style GMT seamlessly marries the essential functionality of tracking multiple time zones with a vivacious design. The bold orange dial is immediately attention-grabbing, ensuring that wherever you roam, your watch will be a topic of conversation. Leveraging Seiko's renowned craftsmanship, this watch promises reliability whether you're jet-setting across continents or embarking on urban adventures.

Delving deeper into its features, the Seiko 5 Sports GMT embodies the brand's dedication to innovation and style. The design is heavily influenced by the much-adored Seiko SKX series, evoking a sense of nostalgia among watch enthusiasts. The automatic GMT mechanism, supplemented by manual winding capability, is powered by a 24-jewel movement operating at 21,600 vibrations per hour. With a commendable power reserve of approximately 41 hours, it ensures that time is always on your side.

The screwdown see-through caseback offers a fascinating view into the watch's inner workings, celebrating the intricacies of horological artistry. The prominent GMT hand, set against the orange dial backdrop, not only aids in tracking another time zone but also enhances the overall visual appeal.

Finally, while it’s no diver, the water-resistant capability up to 100M ensures durability in diverse environments. In essence, the Seiko 5 Sports SKX Sports Style GMT Orange stands as a testament to Seiko's commitment to crafting timepieces that are both functional and stylish, making it an ideal choice for modern-day explorers.

5. Pilot: Oris ProPilot X Kermit Edition

Oris ProPilot X Kermit EditionOris ProPilot X Kermit Edition - Credit WatchGecko

The pilot's watch category is where functionality meets history, and the Oris ProPilot X Kermit Edition is a testament to this. With a sleek titanium body and an intriguing green dial, this watch pays homage to the world of aviation. The playful nod to Kermit the Frog, with its special date feature, combines the serious world of aviation with a touch of whimsy. Powered by the Oris Caliber 400 with a 120-hour power reserve, this timepiece ensures that you're always on time, whether you're soaring through the skies or navigating everyday life.

What made this watch a stand out for me during this year's Windup Watch Fair was the seamless melding of form and function in the Oris ProPilot X Kermit Edition. Beyond its technical prowess, this watch strikes a perfect balance between tradition and modernity. The titanium case gives it a robust yet lightweight feel, ideal for the rigors of aviation. Meanwhile, the unique Kermit Green Edition adds a refreshing splash of color and fun to the often austere world of pilot watches. Its innovative design, combined with Oris' commitment to precision and the joy of mechanics, makes this edition not just a functional piece but also a conversation starter. Whenever I glance down at the Kermit smile on the first of each month, it's a gentle reminder not to take life too seriously and to find joy in the little things, even while navigating the complexities of our world.

Bottom line? These top collection pieces cater to diverse tastes and preferences. Whether you're diving, attending a formal event, racing, traversing the globe, or flying, there's a timepiece here that ensures you do so in style and precision.

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