Are These the Most Divisive Oris Watches? – ProPilot X Kermit vs Aquis Hölstein Edition

Are These the Most Divisive Oris Watches? – ProPilot X Kermit vs Aquis Hölstein Edition

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The introduction of the new ProPilot X Kermit Edition and Aquis Hölstein Edition 2023 by Oris has sparked mixed reactions among watch enthusiasts.

While some appreciate the bold direction taken by Oris with these timepieces (including myself), others feel that the brand may have pushed the boundaries of what is acceptable for a well-respected watch manufacturer. Whether you align with team Fun or team Boring, let's delve deeper into these unique watches.

Let's begin with the Kermit watch, which garnered significant attention at this year's Watches and Wonders watch expo in Geneva.

The vibrant green dial of the ProPilot X makes a striking impression, but the standout feature is undoubtedly the miniature Kermit in the date window. The conversation naturally veered toward the Muppets, an iconic show that has given rise to beloved characters like Miss Piggy and Kermit, who remain relevant even in the 21st century. While the Muppets have popped up in various collaborations, seeing Kermit make an appearance in a luxurious timepiece is truly unprecedented.

Oris ProPilot Kermit EditionOris ProPilot Kermit Edition - Credit WatchGecko

By introducing Kermit, Oris has opened the door to endless possibilities, and while it remains unconfirmed, we speculate that there may be more Muppet-inspired watches in the future. It would be a missed opportunity not to feature other unique characters like Beaker or Sam the Eagle, who we believe would look fantastic with fiery orange or calm blue dials, respectively.

Moving on to the Aquis Hölstein Edition 2023, we encounter a striking watch, although perhaps not as exciting as the Kermit.

The Oris Aquis is a fantastic dive watch, and this year it comes with a super polished purple dial that appears even more flamboyant in person than on camera.

Oris Aquis Holstein PurpleOris Aquis Holstein Purple - Credit WatchGecko

Oris celebrated their 119th anniversary, which may seem like an odd milestone to commemorate. However, when considering that the word "anniversary" means "returning yearly" in Latin, it becomes clear that Oris are simply celebrating their birthday. This unique opportunity allows them to release a special edition watch each year and infuse a bit more whimsy into their designs. The purple Aquis serves as a prime example, as its dial deviates from the typical "tool watch" aesthetic, and the adorable teddy bear in scuba diving gear on the caseback adds an endearing touch. While it might be unlikely for a professional diver to choose this watch, it could be a perfect fit for someone who appreciates a fun and luxurious timepiece.

Oris Aquis Holstein PurpleOris Aquis Holstein Purple - Credit WatchGecko

Upon reflecting to Watches and Wonders, we think Oris has done a better job than Rolex when it comes to creating a funky looking watch. The new Jigsaw Day-Date or Bubbly Oyster Perpetual come across as more ridiculous than fun. On the other hand, Oris partnered with the Muppets while maintaining the classy look of the ProPilot X.

Oris Aquis Holstein Purple
Oris Aquis Holstein Purple - Credit WatchGecko

The most important question arises: Which of these two Oris watches would you keep? The ProPilot X Kermit or the Aquis Hölstein Edition?

To find out our preference, have a look at our video.


Have you noticed that the Oris 400 movement resembles a teddy bear's head? That's a pretty cool detail!

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