"About Effing Time” - Unveiling the Faces and Forces Behind the Scenes

"About Effing Time” - Unveiling the Faces and Forces Behind the Scenes

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Neil Cody


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Introducing the Who and What...

If you’ve been living under a rock and have never heard of “About Effing Time ”, you're about to discover something extraordinary.

Get comfortable, put the kettle on and buckle up, because these guys are taking the watch industry by storm.

Adrian Barker, George Bamford, and Andrew Mcutchen converged like cosmic entities at Watches and Wonders in 2022, giving birth to About Effing Time.

"About Effing Time"Credit @realwatchbrothers

Adrian Barker, a coffee connoisseur and the owner of Bark & Jack, boasts a thriving watch strap brand and YouTube channel. Now a part of About Effing Time, he injects a grounded and refreshingly realistic perspective into the team. His vision is to revolutionize the tone and airs in the watch scene, promoting honesty and transparency.

George Bamford, the visionary behind Bamford Watch Department and Bamford London, is akin to a "Tony Stark" figure. Collaborating with top brands and setting the stage ablaze, George is a perpetual dynamo, always on the move and brimming with enthusiasm.

Andrew Mcutchen, the founder of Time and Tide, a leading watch content company, brings his extensive knowledge and flamboyance to About Effing Time. Once based in Australia, Andrew has now relocated to London, placing himself at the heart of AET.

Credit @realwatchbrothers

Marcus Flack, the Creative Director and an integral part of About Effing Time, is an equal partner responsible for the captivating visuals and audio content that graces their social channels. Based in Amsterdam, he frequently shuttles between the UK to keep the trio on track. 

Each member plays a pivotal role in About Effing Time, combining their expertise and opinions to create a dynamic, fluid, and open space. It's not just about discussing watches; it's about being honest regarding brands and expressing genuine opinions. Disagreements about watches are commonplace, and that's perfectly fine. Their discussions are always authentic, unpretentious, and at times, vulnerable. A refreshing take on what we are used to.

Enough about the who; let's dive into their Christmas meet-up.

Credit @realwatchbrothers

Held in a stylish studio near West Brompton station, About Effing Time hosted a "meet," as they fondly call it. 150 fans were welcomed into this charming space for a heartfelt "Thank You" to their supporters. They recorded a live show of the event and revealed the results of their unique award show, where the audience, not industry insiders, played the role of judges. The atmosphere was fantastic, providing an opportunity for fans to get up close with the guys. 

There was a very different vibe in the room once these 3 took their places.  It felt like an episode of Top Gear, but with new faces we now know and love. During the evening, those who wanted, could take part in George's one-on-one "Therapy Sessions" where watch enthusiasts could discuss anything about watches and get his honest opinion. All in the privacy of a cosy room, away from all the hubbub.

Credit @realwatchbrothers

The wrist check among the guys showcased some impressive pieces. George sported one of his new Bamford "Bad MOF'R" collaborations with Seconde/Seconde. 

Adrian proudly displayed his trusty Omega Seamaster 300 -white dial, while Andrew flaunted his new Ace X Frederique Constant Worldtimer Highlife Amsterdam Edition, which reminded him of his friendship with Marcus.

After the awards, there was a Q&A and an open floor to chat to the trio.

Sure, I’m a fan, but they were all so approachable and more than happy to just be themselves. No show ponies anywhere to be seen. They were just interested in us as their supporters, which was so nice to see.

I managed to get a few minutes with the guys during the meet and posed a few questions to them:

When the possibility of setting up a Bark & Jack/Time & Tide/Bamford (that’s not its official name) London-based boutique was discussed, it was delightful to learn that the guys are contemplating this venture. They envision a super-chilled and inviting space, showcasing micro-brands in a non-pretentious environment. 

Furthermore, they have been working on an About Effing Time watch, expected to launch later next year if all the planets align. Although a date is yet to be set due to some brand pushback, the project is still very much on their radar.

Curiosity led to a question about watch swapping among the trio. Adrian would exchange his Apple Watch Ultra for George's Girard Perregaux Laureato "Ghost" and Andrew's Hublot Big Bang Integral Ceramic "Stormtrooper." George expressed interest in swapping his Apple Watch Ultra for Adrian's GShock Crystal and Andrew's Nivada Grenchen seconde/seconde Koala Edition. Finally, Andrew would swap his Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph 50th Anniversary with Georges 1979 Patek Phillip Nautilus and his Longines Big Eye for Adrian’s IWC Pilot MkXX.

Of course, this is all hypothetical, but still gives an insight into their thought process and their own amazing collections.

At the end, everyone was given an amazing goodie bag to take home, which came as a huge surprise. Such generosity from the AET team. 

In Conclusion…

It was evident to everyone present the passion and love these creators have for what they have built and the community they've fostered. "Without the community, there would be no About Effing Time"—this is their mantra, and they genuinely live by it. Maybe I’m slightly biased towards them, but I personally love what they are doing and can’t get enough of it.

Excitement brews as we anticipate what the future holds for About Effing Time.

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