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Here you can find all our valid discount codes currently available to use on

Who doesn't love a bargain? We certainly do, and we bet you're the same.

That's why we thought we would share all the current codes and deals available for the website in one place.

Current Discount Codes

Whether you are looking for a leather, metal, rubber, Military Nylon watch straps or a great deal on one of our watches our exclusive codes will allow you to get a special discount off your order. Simply add the code at the cart and that’s it!

Code Discount
WATCHUSEEK Get 10% discount off strap orders over £50


Please always refer to the terms and conditions relating to the individual discount codes.

Looking for more discount codes?

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How to apply a discount code

Applying a discount code is easy, and we're here to guide you every step of the way. Click on the link below to find out exactly how to redeem your discount:

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Strap Sets

As watch nerds ourselves, we know that half the fun of the hobby is trying your watches on different straps. That's why we offer several strap bundles and NATO sets, all of which are available for a significant discount over purchasing the straps individually.

The Seiko SPB 143 Strap Set

In this set you get 5 straps chosen specifically to pair with the Seiko SPB143. We've also included a pack of our "Skinny Fat" spring bars, that are designed to fit dive watch lugs, as well as the Quick Release Diver's Spring Bars with thicker Seiko-style 1.1mm tips.

This set contains five 20mm straps:

These would cost over £198 individually, but you can purchase the set for only £140.

Our Military sets are as follows:

WatchGecko Sale Page

We've also got a dedicated sale page for all our discounted items. This includes items on special promotion, introductory offers, and end-of-line products. We update it all the time so don't forget to check it out regularly, otherwise you might miss out on an absolute bargain!

You can visit the Sale page here.

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